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Standart Second Chance at Love Ch. 08

Before they went to the university together, Alice and Eric invited a few of their friends and family members to a picnic at their home. At that picnic, Art, a friend of Eric, and Dorothy (Dot), Alice's mom, were introduced to each other. Art found Dot to be a beautiful elegant woman, about 5' 3'', 130 lb., who appeared to be younger than her 63 years age. She was well-informed about Indiana's older high school basketball stars. In turn, Dot found Art to be polite and handsome, about 6', 180 lb., mostly gray with fringes of brown hair; she also loved his stories about basketball players.

Dot accepted Art's invitation to have dinner with him and go to a charity basket ball game. She dressed in navy blue slacks and a pink silk sleeve less blouse. Art noted Dot had long slender arms, a large bosom, and a generous ass. During dinner, Dot and Art first exchanged small talk; she asked Art about some of the players he coached. Later she found out Art's wife was killed in an accident; her car was hit head on by a drunk driver. In turn, she told Art about Frank's liver cirrhosis.


She had a great time with Art and readily accepted a Wednesday evening date to go to a movie. Art gave Dot a bouquet of flowers at the door. Art noted that Dot dressed in a sleeve less lightweight summer dress; she had a full head of short light brown curly hair. They went to a romantic movie, during which Art held Dot's hand and kissed her neck several times. After the movie, Dot invited Art for a drink at her home. Art opted for a glass of wine and Dot decided to have one too. While they were seated on the couch in the living room and having a second glass of wine, Art gently stroked Dot's hand and kissed it several times.

Dot thought to herself, *quot;Art does not see all the brown spots on my hand. He likes me as I am!*quot;

Dot whispered, *quot;It has been a long time since I have been loved by a man; please hold me.*quot;

In response, Art hugged Dot and stroked her hair, face, neck, and back for a long time. After several minutes, Dot kissed Art on his lips several times with her lips closed; she then kissed him with her lips parted and pushed her tongue in to Art's mouth. Art nudged Dot to sit in his lap and kissed Dot passionately on her mouth. Dot felt Art's cock lump on her ass. She was pleased Art was aroused being with her and kissing her.

Art whispered, *quot;Dot, I love your large blue eyes and full lips. I am so happy to be with you.*quot;

After more kissing and petting, Dot cooed, *quot;I have to take a break. I will be back soon. Do you want anything?*quot;

*quot;I am fine, thank you.*quot;

Dot went to the bathroom to calm down; she was really excited like a teenager that Art likes her. She resolved to make love with Art; she applied a fresh coat of lipstick, and dabs of perfume on her neck, cleavage, and her crotch.

When Dot returned to the living room, she saw Art was standing in front of the large window admiring the lights of the city and the full moon. Art pulled Dot in to his arms, looked in to her eyes, and whispered:

*quot;You are a beautiful lady. I enjoy being with you. I have not gone out in a long time, especially with a beautiful woman like you. I don't want to do anything to offend you.*quot;

*quot;I like you too. I am thrilled you find me attractive.*quot;

Dot turned around and pushed her ass in to Art's cock lump, and boldly took his hands and put them on her still covered boobs. When Art felt Dot's boobs, his cock became stiff and he pushed it in to Dot's ass. After several minutes of squeezing Dot's boobs while kissing her long neck, Art slowly unbuttoned her summer dress and helped her step out of it.

Dot had on a lacy white silk bra that barely covered her milky-white boobs. Art resumed fondling Dot's boobs: he pinched her nipples through the lacy fabric eliciting moans of pleasure from Dot who raised her arms to give Art access to her boobs.

Art also kissed Dot's underarms and pits. Dot thought to herself, *quot;I am glad I shaved my armpits. I should ask Art, if he likes them hairy.*quot;

After he fondled and groped her boobs for several minutes Art knelt in front of Dot, and rubbed her smooth shaved legs, smooth inner thighs, and, while grasping her plump buttocks, buried his face in her white silk slip- and panty- covered crotch for a long time.

Art whispered, *quot;You have beautiful legs and thighs, and you smell so good.*quot;

Art stood up, hugged Dot, and unfastened her bra releasing her large (36D) pendulous boobs. Dot had pink nipples and areolas that highlighted her milky white boobs.

Art mumbled, *quot;Your boobs are lovely. You are lovely.*quot;

When Art kissed and sucked Dot's nipples, they grew to an inch in size and became stiff. Dot watched for a long time Art's fascination with her boobs; she then threw her head back and moaned with pleasure. She smiled thinking to herself, *quot;I was worried whether Art would like my sagging boobs. He loves them.*quot;

*quot;I would really like to eat your pussy, please?*quot;

Dot shyly nodded her head and cooed, *quot;I will take off my slip and panties. kütahya escort You take off your clothes too.*quot;

By the time Dot removed her slip and panties, Art had removed his pants and shirt. While still in his boxer shorts, Art hugged a naked Dot and kissed her lips, neck, boobs, and arms passionately.

Again he whispered, *quot;You are lovely. I love your body.*quot;

Dot smiled and cooed, *quot;Thank you.*quot;

Art led Dot to a cushioned chair and nudged her to sit on it. A blushing Dot allowed Art to lift her legs and kiss her smooth inner thighs. After spreading her thighs, Art gently lifted Dot's legs on to his shoulders and began to lick and suck her pussy; he also gently pinched her nipples. Soon Dot was immersed in a sea of pleasure. She moaned continuously as Art focused his gentle licking and sucking on Dot's large clit. *quot;I'm cummmming. Cummmmmmmming. Ohhhhhhhhh.*quot;

After a few minutes, Dot cooed, *quot;That was incredible. It was the best loving my crotch got.*quot;

Art whispered, *quot;It's ok to say to me that I ate your pussy. I care for you.*quot;

Dot cooed shyly, *quot;Thank you for eating my pussy. Frank ate my pussy for couple of years after we got married. Can I see yours now?*quot;

Art smiled, removed his shorts, laid down on his back on the plush carpet, and whispered, *quot;Yes, Dot, you may see my cock.*quot;

Dot slowly reached out with her delicate right hand and touched Art's twitching stiff cock, then grasped it amazed at its soft exterior and stiff rod-like firmness; she marveled at the fluid movement of the hairy sack containing Art's testicles.

While holding Art's cock firmly, Dot whispered, *quot;I have to apply a jelly; I will be back soon.*quot;

In a short while a smiling Dot returned with a large towel and a box of tissues, and looked at Art questioningly.

Art placed the towel underneath his ass, couple of pillows under his head, and whispered, *quot;Please ride me. You can control the pace and penetration.*quot;

Dot whispered anxiously, *quot;Please be patient; your cock is big; my pussy has not had one that big.*quot;

Art whispered, *quot;Ok, wet my cockhead with saliva; it will go in easily.*quot;

Art was pleased when Dot lovingly licked his cockhead and swallowed his leaking precum. Dot then straddled Art's midriff, positioned his cock at her pussy, and slowly lowered herself on it an inch at a time. When Art's cock was fully engorged in her pussy, Dot sighed and a huge smile appeared on her face; she wiggled her ass as she let her vaginal channel adjust to Art's fat cock.

Art watched in admiration as Dot impaled herself on his cock, while he was holding on to her pendulous boobs; it was a very erotic act that lasted at least a minute. Later he became aware of Dot's snug warm and juicy pussy gripping his cock.

Art whispered, *quot;A tight pussy; I love the way it's grasping my cock.*quot;

Dot cooed, *quot;It has not been used much; Frank drank too much; he was practically impotent for the past five years.*quot;

After several minutes, Dot clutched Art's cock with her already snug pussy walls for several seconds and released the pressure. She felt Art's cock twitch and expand inside her vagina.

Art moaned and mumbled, *quot;So tight: your pussy. I'm leaking; it's heavenly. I am close to cumming.*quot;

Dot cooed, *quot;Cum for me, my love; show me that I am a desirable woman.*quot;

Dot loved the feeling of a pulsing cock in her pussy, and repeated the cycle of clutching Art's cock and releasing it; she also rocked back and forth pushing Art's cock in and out of her very snug vagina.

Art murmured, *quot;You are a very beautiful and fuckable woman.*quot;

When Dot reached behind and massaged his balls, Art, who had not dated a woman in a long time, went over the edge. He grasped Dot's boobs as his body convulsed uncontrollably and his cock spewed out a copious amount of his cum in several jets, *quot;Ohhhhh. I'm cummmming. Cummmmming. Fuckkk.*quot;

Dot watched Art's face and body gyrations with awe, as she kept her grasp on his cock with her pussy channel. After Art had come down from his peak, Dot was surprised his cock had not shriveled right away.

Dot cooed, *quot;You sure unloaded a large amount of cum, but your cock is still stiff.*quot;

Art smiled and replied, *quot;That's because I am still turned on by you. Don't get up yet. Your pussy feels wonderful around my cock.*quot;

Dot touched Art's face, *quot;I am flattered; thank you.*quot;

She then asked, *quot;You are still a young guy; I'm surprised you didn't hook up with a young woman.*quot;

*quot;Well, I am almost 50 years old. I met couple of young women who were either immature or carrying lot of baggage. I am careful who I date; once I am in a relationship, I tend to be loyal and focus on that woman as long as I can. How about you? You are a beautiful woman,*quot; said Art.

*quot;At my age, it's hard to find many eligible men. I do not want to take care of another man, like Fred, with health problems,*quot; said Dot.

Art pulled Dot to him and kissed her lovingly, touched her face, and said:

*quot;You are a very beautiful and desirable woman. Would you go out with me this weekend? malatya escort I can get tickets for a concert on Friday night and we can do other things on Saturday.*quot;

*quot;Art, I would love to spend the weekend with you. Let's go out for dinner on Saturday and watch a movie here,*quot; said Dot.

Art's cock softened. Dot got up and went to the bathroom. After a few minutes, she came back dressed in a robe with a warm washcloth and lovingly cleaned Art's cock while he playfully fondled her boobs and ass. Art was feeling a slight stirring in his groin, but decided he could wait.

On Thursday night, Art called Dot: *quot;I have tickets for the concert on Friday evening. I will pick you up at about 5:30 p.m.; the concert is at 6 p.m. Again, I had a wonderful time with you on Wednesday. Did you have a good day today?*quot;

Dot cooed, *quot;I'm glad you got the concert tickets. I had a great time too on Wednesday. I have a question for you, Art.*quot;

*quot;What's it, love?*quot;

*quot;A friend, Cindy, said some young guys like older women. She is going out with a guy 20 years younger than her. He would not take no for an answer until she agreed to go out with him. Do you like me because I am older than you?*quot;

Art replied earnestly, *quot;I know I didn't ask you out mainly because you are older than me. I do find you beautiful and warm.*quot;

Then he whispered, *quot;Of course, you are voluptuous with big, beautiful boobs, and ---.*quot;

Dot giggled and completed Art's sentence, *quot;Beautiful underarms and armpits.*quot;

Art laughed and said slyly, *quot;I was going to say a nice ass and pussy.*quot;

Dot laughing said, *quot;Now you have added my ass and pussy to your fetish areas. By the way, Cindy offered to lend couple of videos of young guys making out with older women she and her boyfriend collected. Are you interested in watching them with me Friday night?*quot;

*quot;Sure, let's watch one; you select it,*quot; said Art

Dot whispered, *quot;Fred liked to watch videos of young men and women making love. I'm glad you will watch an older woman video with me. I'm also glad you like me. Stay with me Friday and Saturday nights; bring some clothes and a pair of walking shoes. See you Friday, love.*quot;

Art replied happily, *quot;Thanks for the invite.*quot;

Dot did not tell Art that she bought sexy lingerie for the weekend.


On Friday evening, Art came to Dot's home with a bouquet of flowers. Dot thanked Art for the flowers and put them in a vase.

It was a cool evening. Dot wore a long-sleeve low-neck red silk blouse, a long black skirt, black thigh highs, and black silk panties and lacy silk bra, and black low-heel shoes. She put on stud diamond earrings and a gold necklace. She carried a silk shawl to cover her shoulders and neck in case the theater was cool.

In his sedan, Art said to Dot, *quot;You look gorgeous. I love your jewelry and clothing.*quot;

Dot cooed, *quot;Thanks darling. I dressed up for you.*quot;

Dot and Art enjoyed the concert by a local group. Afterwards, Art asked:

*quot;Do you want to have a drink before we go home?*quot;

*quot;Let's go home; I have a bottle of wine in the refrigerator,*quot; cooed Dot.

During the ride home, Art held Dot's left hand and, periodically, kissed it. Dot was excited like a teenager on a date. Her nipples were erect. Her pussy was tingling.

After offering Art a glass of Chardonnay and another of water, Dot showed him the videocassette Cindy, her friend, loaned her. Art found its title interesting, suggestive of the content: *quot;Granny and Bobby.*quot; The video cover showed smiling older women, at least 55 years old, scantily dressed in sexy underwear with much younger naked guys in suggestive poses.

Dot then whispered, *quot;Cindy confided to me that her boyfriend, Mike, likes her to appear older than she is using make up.*quot;

*quot;Does Cindy like playing those roles?*quot;

*quot;I guess so. Cindy said Mike is insatiable in the bedroom when she makes up to look older.*quot;

Dot giggled and continued, *quot;Cindy said, one night Mike fucked her six times. He did not leave her alone, literally chased her around the house, and fucked her in every room, in every conceivable position. She also said that she was exhausted and sore the next day.*quot;

Dot asked shyly, *quot;Would you like to see me older in make up just for the fun of it?*quot;

Art replied, *quot;I like you as you are. I can't keep my hands off of you now. But, I'm game if you want to play.*quot;

Art continued, *quot;I am eager to see the granny video. May be we should also try role-playing. I'm sure it will be more exciting to love you in different costumes.*quot;

Dot cooed in a sexy voice, *quot;You mean fuck me in different costumes and different places.*quot;

Art said teasingly, *quot;Dot, I think you are turned on thinking about a mature woman fucking a younger man.*quot;

Dot blushed and said, *quot;Just looking at you and being with you makes me horny. I am thrilled you like my mature well-developed body. I will change in to comfortable clothes and be back in a few minutes.*quot;

Dot returned in a pink robe and whispered:

*quot;I'm ready for you. I have the manisa escort VCR set up to see what 'Granny and Bobby' do to each other. First, I have to see your naked bod, feel it, and smell it.*quot;

Dot helped Art undress. She kissed his nipples. Knelt down, played with Art's balls and cock with her delicate hands, and ran her tongue along the length of his cock; she seemed to worship Art's cock. Art wanted to lift up Dot and crush her in his arms, carry her to the bedroom and fuck her. But, he decided to go along with Dot's plans.

Dot got up, did a strip tease as she removed her robe. She was in a black Camis. A black demi bra supported her large mostly exposed milky-white boobs. Her pussy was also partially covered by black crotch-less panties. Her well-shaped legs were encased in shiny black thigh highs.

Art stood admiring Dot's voluptuous beauty. After couple of minutes, he could not contain himself. He rushed to Dot and enveloped her in his arms, ran his hands all over Dot's body giving her erotic thrills: he kissed her beautiful eyes, nose and neck; fondled her bra-covered milky white boobs and kissed them, massaged her thigh high-covered calves and inner thighs; gently ran his fingers through her silky dense pubic hair and kissed them, and inhaled her intoxicating odors mixed with perfume.

Art began to whimper, *quot;I have to eat your pussy. I can't wait any longer.*quot;

Dot was very excited that Art wanted to eat her pussy badly. He was steering her towards the couch, but she had planned to first watch 'Granny and Bobby.'

Dot made a weak plea, *quot;Cindy said 'Granny and Bobby,' was hot.*quot;

Art realized watching 'Granny and Bobby' was important to Dot. He thought of a compromise.

*quot;Ok, let me taste your pussy for couple of minutes. Then, we will watch 'Granny and Bobby.'*quot;

Dot sat in the couch. Art placed his arms around Dot, kissed Dot from her head to feet, while running his hands all over his favorite places: neck, face, boobs, underarms, armpits, belly, pubes, pussy, thighs, legs, and feet. Art ran his fingers through Dot's pubes; they were silky and nicely trimmed. Art licked Dot's love channel and slurped her nectars that had begun to ooze. Dot enjoyed Art's licking. She was excited and close to cumming. But, as promised, Art stopped eating Dot's pussy. Dot got up from the couch and kissed Art on his mouth tasting her love channel nectars.

Dot then said, *quot;You sit in this couch, I will sit in your lap and we can watch the video together.*quot;

Dot turned on the VCR, skipped the annoying ads and warnings at the beginning of the tape, and started playing 'Granny and Bobby.' In the first segment, an attractive actress, about 60, played Granny Jane; she was blonde, had a pretty face, and was dressed in a business suit. She was having a drink with Bobby in a bar. Bobby was about 25, had brown hair, and dressed casually. Jane and Bobby were first flirting, then kissing passionately. Bobby was groping Jane's boobs. Soon, they left the bar together; she drove to her home with him.

On Jane's living room sofa, Bobby was kissing and groping a willing Granny Jane, who in turn was busy rubbing Bobby's visible cock lump. At Bobby's urging, Jane willingly removed her jacket, blouse, and skirt; she's had sexy underwear. Jane had big boobs that sagged slightly. Her pubes were brown with some gray in them.

Dot was very excited seeing the older woman making out with the young guy and squirmed on Art's lap. With Art's help, Dot aimed his cock at her pussy entrance, and slowly impaled herself on it. Art cupped Dot's large boobs and continued watching the video.

Art thought to himself, *quot;Dot's pussy is so tight; I love it; she is a fuckable lady.*quot;

Granny Jane helped Bobby get naked, admired his cock (*quot;I love your fat cock.*quot;), pumped it several times, and began sucking it voraciously. As Jane was sucking Bobby's cock, Dot turned her head kissed Art's mouth for a few seconds letting him know that she was getting more and more turned on.

Dot resumed watching the video. Involuntarily, she began to fuck Art's cock; Art used his right palm on Dot's plump buttock to help her lift and lower herself on his cock; his left hand cupped Dot's left boob.

In the video, Granny Jane sat in Bobby's lap facing him and started fucking him. Dot's eyes were focused on Granny Jane's pussy as Bobby's huge cock went in and out.

Dot whispered, *quot;I am getting turned on watching Bobby's cock going in and out of Granny's hairy pussy. I wonder what a young guy sees in a much older woman.*quot;

Art said, *quot;He is probably excited that an older, voluptuous, woman is fucking him without any inhibitions.*quot;

Granny Jane went on her hands and knees; Bobby fucked her from behind. Bobby would take his cock, glistening with Granny Jane's pussy juices, out completely and push it back in Jane's pussy slowly. Later, Bobby pistoned Jane's pussy at a blurring speed. Jane kept moaning loudly as Bobby kept fucking her.

Art realized Dot was very excited, so he started to kiss her neck and gently pinch her sensitive nipples, as well as deliberately twitched his cock to stimulate Dot's snug pussy walls. Dot's breathing became rhythmic and louder: she became still, turned towards Art, threw her right hand around Art's neck, and whispered urgently, *quot;Art, squeeze my clit, now.*quot;
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