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Standart Prison School

This is my first submission to Literotica. The idea for this story just hit me one day and I was up writing till after 4 AM. There are really no sex scenes in this first chapter, but it lays the groundwork for the chapters to follow. If you like where this is going, please send me some feedback. Even this first chapter wasn't quite what I planned, there are some twists that just seemed to pop in from nowhere.


Chapter 1 ? Arrival and Orientation


The four boys were getting pretty restless after the three hour long ride from the state penitentiary to the prison school, as it was called. The state had contracted with the training school to take minimum security inmates that had at least 2 years to serve and train them under an apprenticeship program to become employable and licensed skilled construction workers.

They were all fitted with special bracelets that were not removable. These bracelets were like a GPS, and the authorities could always tell the locations of any of these trainees. Like any prisoner, they all had a number. If one tried to escape, the state patrol would quickly be on them like white on rice, they would be returned to the penitentiary and most likely spend too much time in solitary.

It was, in reality, a pretty decent opportunity. They could do the time, gain some valuable skills, and become productive citizens. The fact that they had committed a crime wasn't going away, they still had a criminal record that would, of course, follow them. Luke, Mike, Adam and Kurt were, understandably, a little apprehensive, as they had heard some rumors about this prison school, but felt it was worth the chance.

Luke and Mike are both just under 6' tall with somewhat athletic builds, brown hair and eyes. Luke is 19 and was imprisoned for having had sex with an underage girl, even though she was his girlfriend and it was consensual. Mike was 20 and doing time for a B*E (Breaking * Entering). Kurt is a black dude, nice looking, well built and 19, doing time for the same B*E as Mike. Adam is shorter, about 5'6, kind of chubby, 21 with blonde hair, and he got caught embezzling from the bank he worked for.

They are all straight except for Mike, and his *quot;gayness*quot; is not something the other three guys are even aware of. He is pretty much straight acting and appearing and would prefer the others didn't know. He had been fortunate during his time in the pen that no one figured him out. Actually, Kurt knew, but Kurt was not about to out his friend even though he and Mike had never had any type of gay relationship, unless mutual masturbation would be considered a gay relationship. After all, that is something many teens go through, and most would consider it a normal thing.

By the time the van they're riding in pulls onto the long gravel driveway heading into the prison school, a couple of the guys are hollering about needing a tree. When they exit the van they were told it is an all male atmosphere and they can pretty much pee anywhere and all four inmates as well as the driver watered the grass. The driver then led them to the entrance of the main office, and accompanied them inside, and called out *quot;Hey Ruben, I got some 'cruits for ya.*quot;

An older man, probably in his mid forties, with salt and pepper hair, neatly cut, and what appeared to be a very well kept body came out from his inner office. *quot;Thanks John,*quot; he replied, as he eyed the newcomers. *quot;I'm Mr. Styles, and also the head cheese around here. You guys will not normally have to deal with me, unless you get yourself in some kind of trouble. I will be assisting you with orientation after lunch.*quot; The young men just sat there, looking at the clock, which read almost eleven am. Ruben had returned to his office and hadn't left them any instructions.

Then a very young black man came bouncing in from the outside. He introduced himself to us as Jesse Turner and said we could just call him Jesse. *quot;Now, first things first,*quot; Jesse stated. *quot;This is a training school, not a prison, so we've got to get you guys out of those ugly orange prison uniforms and into something more...appropriate. Now if you beautiful hunks will just follow me we'll see what we can find!*quot;

Jesse led them to a room marked *quot;Clothing Issue*quot; and the guys all followed him in. He pointed to a large box and told the newcomers to strip and deposit the prison coveralls into the box.

Luke stammered *quot;B-b-but we don't have underwear on.*quot;

Jesse answered, *quot;It doesn't matter. Don't be so shy, you think I've never seen guy's dicks before? I'll just bet you fellas have got some nice ones!*quot; Jesse grinned.

If the guys didn't realize that the flamboyant Jesse was gay before, they had to realize it by now. So now all four of the guys are butt naked in front of each other and Jesse, who is about to start drooling. Mike, seeing all these cocks is fighting against all odds to keep from growing a boner, but is losing the battle. And there is no way to hide it. Adam and Kurt are also starting to erect. Sometimes it happens, right?

Jesse then asked them what size ordu escort boxers they needed and gave them all a 3-pack of white boxers and then a 3-pack each of white T-shirts, and a 6-pack of crew socks. Now the fun begins, at least for Jesse.

Jesse took out a measuring tape to measure waist and inseams for their jeans. It wasn't hard measuring the waist of each guy, but the inseam, placing the end of the tape in the crotch of each dude and measuring to the ankle. It just seemed that Jesse went out of his way to make sure he touched each penis as he measured the inseam length.

Mike and Adam both had a drop or two of precum oozing out and Jesse just quickly licked it off with his tongue like it was a common everyday chore. Jesse said, *quot;I need to make sure the jeans are the right size because the school doesn't allow belts, and we don't want the pants to sag.*quot;

When Jesse measured Luke's inseam he kinda rubbed the back of his hand against Luke's nearly six inch soft uncut cock, causing Luke to jerk back and Luke definitely displayed his irritation about being touched there. Luke was the only one of the four that was still sporting a completely flaccid penis.

All the guys already had sneakers, so footwear wasn't a problem at the time. They were given a choice of either regular cut or slim fit jeans, and Jesse recommended the slim fit, since they do look better on a guy.

Kurt asked Jesse, *quot;What is your actual job here?*quot;

*quot;I am like a liaison for the students, especially the newest ones. If you need any assistance or help, I am here to help with anything. ANYTHING!*quot; Jesse grinned and winked at them.

Jesse told them to go ahead and get dressed as it was about lunchtime, and there were some plastic bags they could put their extra socks, Tees and boxers in. He then proceeded to make nametags for each of the new guys.

*quot;Let's go!*quot; Jesse stated, and the 4 new students followed him out of the clothing room and he locked it behind them. *quot;Your orientation will also be in the cafeteria after lunch is over.*quot;

The cafeteria was fairly large and contained seven large round tables each with 6 chairs so the capacity was about 42 people. There appeared to be two cooks / servers. There seemed to be no glassware. Plates, bowls and cups were melamine, glasses were plastic and the flatware was stainless steel. There were no sharp knives, like steak knives.

The food was, surprisingly, quite tasty. That day the menu consisted of tossed salad, with several dressing choices, fried chicken, baked potato with real butter, corn muffins, homemade chocolate chip cookies and coffee, tea or milk. Already it was better than what was served in the pen. It was kind of like eating in a buffet with fewer choices. Grab a tray, silver, a plate and slide along getting what you wanted to eat.

It seemed that most of the students in various groups came in with the instructor or trainer and usually all sat at the same table. Mr. Styles came in and sat at the same table with us, although he wasn't eating. He told us to relax and enjoy lunch. He had just come in a little early for orientation.

When lunch was over, most of the students and trainers had left so it was Jesse, the four of us, and Mr. Styles at our table. Mr. Styles told us to go ahead and put our trays and dirty dishes at the return so the kitchen people could clean up, and come back to this table for orientation.


Mr. Styles opened the conversation. *quot;I would like to welcome (while reading the name tags) Luke, Mike, Kurt and Adam to our special school. I prefer to think of and refer to this as a school, rather than a prison school. Yes, you are, technically, prisoners. If you fail here, I think you realize, you will go back to the pen. I don't think any of you want that.*quot;

*quot;You all have at least 2 up to maybe 3 years time to do.*quot; Styles continued. *quot;Depending on the trade you choose to train in, you may finish here before your time is up. I do not wish to send anyone back to the pen. Our friend Jesse here is an example of somebody that has some time remaining, but his, or her (chuckle) training is complete. He still has several months of time left to serve, but he is serving it here. He is especially good with the new students coming in, and has been really helpful to me in more ways than one.*quot; Grinning, *quot;I will miss him when his time is up and he leaves.*quot;

*quot;As you probably realize,*quot; he continued, *quot;there are no females on campus. I know some of the students and staff may be gay. We don't discriminate here. In an all male atmosphere, boys will be boys, and some guys get tired of just masturbation. In this main building there is only one rest room and no real reason for a 2nd.*quot;

*quot;In the two dorms, each has a bathroom with 1 large urinal, 2 toilets, 2 sinks and a 4 head shower. Ever heard of a GI shower? They do happen here, when a student doesn't shower often enough and starts to stink, others will give him a shower. Privacy is pretty much non-existent but we need to keep clean.*quot;

*quot;We do have, and enforce, a dress code. rize escort Your dorm is like your bedroom. How you are dressed, or if you are dressed at all is up to you while in the dorm. Many health gurus actually promote sleeping nude, or you can wear your boxers. However, anytime you are out of the dorm, as in training, or eating or just strolling around campus, you are expected to be fully clothed, as you are right now. Also, there will be no smoking in any building on campus, or in most training areas. There are some outside areas where smoking is allowed, but take care of your butts.*quot;

*quot;We do have some other enmities I haven't mentioned. Some of you may want to exercise. We have an exercise room and a swimming pool. The pool is the one other place besides your dorm where you can shed it all and skinny-dip. I also hadn't mentioned that both dorms also have an attached recreation and TV room. Again, this is part of the Dorm and you may watch TV or shoot pool naked if desired, although most of the students seem to prefer wearing at least their boxers.*quot;

He proceeded to tell us that not all inmates were offered the opportunity to come to this school. Inmates that had violent criminal records or that had been uncooperative with the guards or caused disruption at the pen are never given this alternative choice.

Stiles continued, *quot;We have a few trainers here that are still inmates, and you can spot them by the wristbands like the ones you guys are wearing. They have actually completed their training and are helping other students learn trades while they finish their time, and they co-habitat in the dorms with you guys. We also have some instructors that are hired from the outside that are specialists in their trades, and are here to teach you. They only come in on training days, which are normally Monday through Friday. If you have problems understanding some procedures, the trainers are here 24/7 and will likely help you. Any questions?*quot;

Luke raised his hand and Styles was ready for it. Luke stated, *quot;In my observations so far, it seems there is an emphasis on openly gay sex here. I'm straight. Will we be forced to participate in gay sex?*quot;

Styles very quickly answered, *quot;Absolutely Not! To begin with, you have all been tested at the pen and found to be HIV negative and clean of any STD's. If not we would have been warned. Sex with other students or inmates is easily available, however we do not condone sex by force. It is strictly voluntary to participate. If you wish to participate and feel unsafe, we maintain an adequate supply of condoms. Just ask for them. Jesse knows where they are.*quot;

Kurt was next. *quot;I don't think learning how to suck a dick is a marketable skill. What will we be taught that is marketable?*quot;

*quot;That depends on your interest and desires.*quot; Styles continued, *quot;We primarily teach Building Trades, Masonry, Carpentry, Plumbing and Electrical. We actually go to job sites and help build houses that are later sold. Although not many pursue it, we also offer Culinary Arts. Your lunch today was prepared by a trainer and a student. We can only have up to 4 students as the food that is prepared is consumed here. Also, the students in this field train seven days a week because we eat seven days a week.*quot;

Styles asked Jesse to hand out some papers and pens to the four new students. They were then told to fill in the blanks, Names, numbers, and here is where they could request what type of training they wanted to get, listing both a 1st and a 2nd career choice as sometimes the 1st choice may be full and have no openings.

They were also informed that, even thought they all came in together, they may or may not share the same dorms. As a rule, the Masons and Plumbers shared Dorm 1 and the Electricians and Carpenters were assigned to Dorm 2. The two or three culinary arts trainees might be assigned to either dorm, depending on where the empty beds were. There is always an armed security officer on duty. He will know where the *quot;cooks*quot; sleep, and will wake them in time each morning to prepare coffee and breakfast for the others.

Styles then stated, *quot;When you guys have made your choices and finished your paperwork, give the papers to Jesse and he will bring them to my office. As soon as I can I will determine what you will be training for and give the information to Jesse so he can show you to your dorm and assign you a bed and locker.*quot; He then asked Jesse to give us each a combination padlock, which we could use to secure our lockers.

Luke had always liked woodworking, even back in school, so he chose Carpentry as a 1st choice and Electrical as second. Mike really thought culinary arts would suit his gay personality best and believed being an electrician would make a good 2nd option. Kurt thought that he would do well as a Mason, so chose that as his first choice and plumbing for the 2nd choice. Adam was having difficulty choosing, as he had always done rather easy work, and liked working with money and numbers, however, with the embezzlement conviction, it was not likely anyone would hire him in sakarya escort his previous line of work. He detested working with food, except to eat it so culinary arts was out. Masonry was too rough on the hands, so he finally settled on Plumbing and Carpentry as a 2nd choice.

Jesse gathered up the papers, told the guys he would now deliver them to Mr. Stiles, and Styles would give him the results and he (Jesse) would return with them soon. They just needed to take it easy and chill for a while, as it might be an hour or more. Orientation was, effectively, over. Now just the waiting. Nothing to do but just sit here, making small talk and wait.

Mike glanced over at Kurt and noticed a large bulge in his pant leg, and Kurt was lightly massaging his nearly 8*quot; of manhood through his jeans. Mike just seemed to have a knack for noticing things like this. Mike said *quot;What are you thinking about Kurt?*quot;


*quot;So nothing is causing you to pop a boner like that?*quot; All three of the boys laughed, except Kurt, whose black face was more red than black. *quot;Lets see you get out of this one Kurt!*quot; Luke taunted.

*quot;Well...*quot; Kurt replied. *quot;I look at it this way. I ain't had no pussy in, like, forever, and I don't see any prospects coming down the pike either. I ain't never even thought about somethin' like this before, but I'm wonderin' if I could make Jesse my Bitch.*quot;

Suddenly, Kurt got up and headed to the rest room. We were all surmising he had something urgent to take care of. When he returned, it was obvious he had evidentially left his boner in the restroom.

*quot;Wow, that was quick.*quot; Stated Mike. Poor Kurt seems to be wearing red quite well.

Kurt grinned sheepishly *quot;Well, sometimes things pop up unexpectedly, and ya gotta do what ya gotta do.*quot;

*quot;We understand buddy, really*quot; said Adam, Nodding his head and grinning.

After what seemed like an eternity Jesse was finally back, with the results. Jesse stated, *quot;you are all getting your first choice. So that means Kurt and Adam will be assigned to Dorm 1 and Luke to Dorm 2. Mike will be assigned to whichever dorm has the most number of empty beds.*quot;

Jesse led us out of the main building and down the sidewalk to the Dorms. They looked identical, the only difference being Dorm 1 had a ONE over the entrance and Dorm 2 had a TWO. They were just a single story building. As you walked in, immediately to the right was the Recreation room, containing a TV with an appropriate number of chairs, a pool table, and 3 or 4 smaller tables and chairs where one could maybe write letters, or study, or even play chess or checkers. Immediately to the left was the rest room and shower.

Straight ahead was the sleeping area. There were two rows of twin sized beds, with the heads of the beds next to the outside wall. At the foot of each bed was a six foot tall closet or locker. The lockers were numbered, 1 thru 10 on the left and 11 thru 20 on the right, with the walkway down the center. The beds were spaced about 2 feet apart, and there was a window between each of the beds.

Jesse spoke, *quot;There is no air conditioning in these dorms, but there are screens on all the windows to keep the bugs from coming in. Often, especially during hot weather, a lot of the guys just strip and sleep on top of the beds.*quot;

At least these were real beds, with real box springs and real mattresses, unlike the crappy cots they had been sleeping on in the pen.

You could tell the unused beds as they had no sheets or blankets. We were in Dorm 1, so this is where Kurt and Adam would be assigned. There were 2 beds,
* 8 that were empty together and 2 others, 13 and 17 that were separate. Since Kurt and Adam kinda knew each other they decided to take the two that were next to each other. Jesse noted that Kurt was in
and Adam in **8. He then opened a locked closet and handed them each a set of clean sheets, pillows, pillow cases, and a blanket.. Also, two wash clothes, two towels and a bar of soap and a soap box.

Jesse said, *quot;Dinner will be served about 6 PM, so you are free to do whatever until then. If you wish to take a shower before dinner, you may want to do it before 5 PM as the trainee students will be coming in about then. Some of them will be pretty sweaty and dirty and they will want to shower before dinner.*quot;

*quot;How do we know when it is 6 PM?*quot; queried Adam. Jesse just pointed to a spot above the exit from the sleeping area where a clock was mounted on the wall. It was 3 PM.

Jesse said *quot;C'mon*quot; to the remaining two, and Mike and Luke followed Jesse from Dorm 1 to Dorm 2. There were actually 5 empties in Dorm 2 so Mike would become a resident of Dorm 2. There were not 2 beds next to each other that were empty in Dorm 2 so Luke took **8 and Mike latched on to

Mike actually had an ulterior motive for selecting Bed 1. Being that bed was on the end closest to the entrance, he felt it might give him an advantage to view naked dudes coming in from the showers and/or restrooms. Also, since he was reasonably well endowed with about 6½ *quot; soft and 8½ *quot; hard he might attract some horny guy if he allowed his cock to be exposed. Unlike his comrades that he came in with, he was really thinking he might enjoy this experience. Since there were no women around, that would mean any sex would likely be good sex.
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