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Standart There Can Be Only One Chapter 21

There Can Be Only One Chapter 21There Can Be Only OneChapter 21Susie stopped in her tracks on seeing Ross sitting naked at his desk? not that really surprised her? it was what was on the monitor that made her hand fly to her mouth to muffle her gasp. ?Fucking arsehole? you fucking recorded it? how the fuck?? ?It doesn?t matter how? good angle though? got everything in? his eyes not leaving the action that was being screened. ?You little fucking shit? suppose you are going to fucking plaster that all over the fucking net? ?Ohh don?t tempt me? ?You fucking aren?t? please tell me you fucking aren?t? there was anguish in her voice ?Remains to be seen big sister?? he loved the way he had his sister under his control. Susie sat on the corner of his bed and watched over his shoulder. If she wasn?t so worried that that little turd might upload it to the internet, she might have enjoyed the erotic amateur film. Her concern did not stop her cunt from reacting as she watched a recorded performance of her being seduced by the much more experienced woman. Ross paused the film? ?Going for a shower before mum and dad gets home? wanna come and wash my bollocks for me?? He laughed as he left his room jingling his balls and flaccid cock in his right hand. Susie couldn?t believe it? as if strolling completely naked waving his privates about in front of her was totally natural... She turned and stared at the frozen image on the screen? an image where she was sprawled on the couch, head thrown back with Adèle, kneeling between her legs, making love to her pussy with that wonderful tongue of hers? she smiled on seeing the tip of the black cock hanging just below Adèle?s dress? the very cock that was to fill her like nothing had filled her before. She squeezed her cunt muscles as the sexual awareness shot through her like an electric bolt. She wondered if she had time? she leapt off the bed and darted to her room... ================================ Ross jumped on his bed and started to flick through Susie's diary? skipping the crap and focusing on the sexy passages? of which there were plenty. They were quite graphic at times and the images that they conjured up in his mind were giving him a hard on. Ross shoved the diary under his pillow on hearing the faint knock on the door. ?Yeah?who is it?? Ross looked at the time? it had just turned ten. ?It?s me, son? can I come in?? ?Sure mum? Alice Gorman opened the door quietly and slipped in before closing the door quickly behind her. She stood there still wearing the pale blue jacket and skirt outfit that she wore to the wedding. ?Where?s dad? Thought you were staying at Aunty Elsa?s? ?He went straight to bed? has an early start in the morning. Dad wanted to get back?? Alice lied, as it was her that wanted to get back to prevent Ross and Susie being alone together any longer than she had too. She could not get the picture of Ross and Susie naked? fucking? and who knows what else, out of her mind all day. The wedding of her niece was totally ruined by her thoughts. Bill Gorman did not object to leaving early as there was a big fishing contest on Sunday which he did not have to miss now. ?Di? Did you and Susie get on ok?? ?Fine? she doesn?t quite understand that there can be only one ? ?Oh? so you and Susie didn?t? did you?? ?Why? what did the frigid bitch say we did?? Ross chose his words carefully. There will be a time to let his mum know what he did with Susie? but now was not that time. ?Nothing? she was fast asleep when I popped my head in her door? we never really got a chance to speak together? and I thought she was a little evasive when we did? Alice Gorman felt some relief sarıyer escort on hearing Ross call her frigid? perhaps Susie was strong enough to say no to him. ?Ohh? There was a pregnant pause for a few seconds. ?So? what did you come in here for mum? just to ask if I was fucking your daughter?s cunt?? ?Ross Gorman? No, I most certainly did not? there was anger in the way she spat the words out? anger that her son seemed at ease using foul language in front of her? but also anger that she was so transparent in her reasons for entering. ?Ohh? then it must be because you want some of this?? Ross flipped back the corner of his robe exposing his erect cock. ?ROSS? ?Come on mum? we both know that you missed my cock?? ?Please Ross? I was hoping?? She was not sure what she was hoping for? ?Hoping what? that I had reformed in the few hours or so that you were gone? don?t think so mum? show me your cunt? it?s probably running a river in anticipation...? Ross?s mother?s eyes looked down at the floor as she slowly raised the hem of her skirt, past her stocking tops and the white garter belt clasps that held them up. She did not stop raising them until her pussy was fully exposed. Ross smiled on seeing that he was right? her pussy was glistening with her juices.When Ross did not speak she lowered her skirt back into place, and turned to leave the room. ?Where you going mum? don?t you want to suck my cock before you go?? Alice Gorman gasped as she stood frozen on the spot? she wanted nothing more than to take that magnificent cock and wrap her mouth around it. She was unsure about why she had rushed home now? was she worried that Ross might be fucking his sister or whether her real concerns were jealousy based? jealous that her own daughter was getting something that she wanted herself. ?I have to go to Safeway? they close at midnight? your dad is going fishing and I have to get bread and cold cuts to make up some sandwiches before he leaves.? ?Ohh? ok? if I?m not in my room when you get back? you?ll know where to find me? Ross laughed as his mother gasped, leaving his room with a facial expression of disbelief. ======================================== The supermarket was relatively quiet as expected for that time of night. Aisles were half blocked as a few stackers off loaded goods from the pallets onto the shelves. Alice intended on being as quick as she could? in and out and back home before her son had a chance to do something, she was not too happy about.In her haste she caught the shopping basket on a pile of empty carboard boxes that were in an aisle, causing them to topple. Cursing under her breath she placed the basket on the floor and started to restack the boxes.Halfway through tiding up her mess, her mind still occupied with her son, she noticed a young boy in supermarket jacket turn the corner into her aisle pushing a trolley loaded with boxes of goods to be stacked on the shelves.?Sorry? I knocked them over?? ?Tha? that?s alright? I?ll? I?ll give you a hand?From her crouched position Alice looked up at the geeky youth who stood motionless, not making an effort to move? just staring? his mouth open. She followed his eyes downwards and her jaw suddenly dropped, making a silent gasp.As she was stretching and reaching for the s**ttered boxes, her skirt must have ridden up, exposing a lot of bare thigh above the stocking tops. She realized that from the distance and angle the spotty teen stood? he must not only be able to leg? but her bare pussy.She too froze for a moment? embarrassed that a complete stranger was looking at her so lewdly. esenyurt escort It took a second or two to compose herself before she slowly brought her legs and knees together and pull her skirt down.?Sorry? I didn?t realise???Th? that?s ok?? the boy stammered as he left the trolley and took the five or so paces towards Alice.?I really am sorry? I hope I didn?t embarrass you? I? I didn?t realise I was? well you know??No? no? that?s alright? I rather?? the youth stopped before he said anything more? his face a bright beetroot.Alice looked at the teen? maybe a little older than her son, his face was peppered with teenage acne? and wearing thick rimmed glasses. He didn?t have a lot going for him. She felt a tinge of empathy towards him. ?Di? did you like what you saw??The spotty teen gulped before nodding? unsure whether he should have or notAlice smiled as she quickly glanced around her. Slowly the shameless mother parted her knees making the tight skirt ride up her legs slightly.The shop stacker gulpedAlice?s intensions were to let the youth have another look at her pussy. She could not understand her compulsion to do so? maybe feeling sorry for the teen who did not have a lot going for him in the looks department or was it her own desire to expose herself to him?The tight skirt prevented her legs from parting further frustrating bot the teen and Alice.Sliding her knees together, the shameless woman reached behind her and eased the tight skirt up over her ass.?These tight skirts are so restricting? smiling as she reached across to retrieve an empty carton to replace it upon the stack she had so clumsily knocked.The teen?s eyes widened and his jaw dropped open as he watched the skirt slide up past the dark stocking tops showing bare flesh once more.Alice continued to smile? looking at the boy?s reaction to her revealing her upper thigh so blatantly. His reaction only prompted her to part her knees further knowing full well that the skirt would ride up and bunch around her tummy, fully exposing her very aroused and wet pussy.Ignoring the shame that should be attached to her flagrant exposure, the unabashed mother continued to gather the s**ttered boxes? exaggerating her movements, twisting her body in unnatural positions to display more of her upper thighs and pussy to the gawking boy.The teens expression never changed from one of utter amazement and disbelief. Alice could not imagine how turned on this was making her and was just about to take it to the next level when she heard a low roan from the spotty teen. The teen had his head thrown back and his eyes closed as his whole body convulsed.It was the mature woman?s turn to be amazed? the teen was having an orgasm without any physical contact. Alice suddenly felt stupid ? embarrassed and foolish. ********** ?You were a long time?? ?I? I? knocked over a stack of empty boxes at the supermarket? ?Knocked over what? how did that happen???Just hit them with my basket? had to pick them up?Ross noted his mother look away embarrassed.?You?re not telling me something? why are you really late??No? no? it?s the truth? it?s just???For fuck sake mum? just tell me?Alice looked at her son as he lay naked on his bed? she was as comfortable with his nudity as he was? she would love to let him quench the fire that raged between her legs? but her husband?Alice took a deep breath??As I was picking up the boxes? I? a young boy saw my? up my skirt??What? did he see your cunt? how old was he???Maybe a year or two older than you? still in his teens. Ye? yes? well maybe not everything? at first??Tell me everything? and don?t leave anything out?The avrupa yakası escort embarrassed mother spent the next five minutes relating what she had done in the store? and that afterwards? in the carpark? she was so aroused? she masturbated.?Fuck? I might like going shopping with you in the future. So? did anyone see you? in the carpark I mean???No? no, I don?t think so??Did you want to? someone to see you masturbate? since you obviously like flashing your cunt??I? I?m not sure. At the time I was really excited? so yes? I hoped the boy in the store would have come out? but I think if he did I would have been mortified and stopped??Hmmm? we might have to go dogging sometime soon??Dogging? what?s that? I?m not doing anything with a dog??Noo? dogging? going out in the car and letting people watch? masturbating? fucking? even letting them do things to you??Oh my god? really? that actually happens??Yes? fuck? I bet Susie has been dogging? the slut she is??She wouldn?t do that? would she???Let?s find out?Ross reached for his phone and dialed.?What? I?m about to go to sleep??Put on your webcam? I want to chat??Fuck off? I know your fucking idea of chatting is??No? really? you can stay dressed? I just want to ask you about something??Can?t it fucking wait ?til tomorrow??I suppose so? I?ll just find something else to do before I go to sleep? the tone of his voice implied exactly what ran through his sister?s mind?Fucking wait? I fucking hate you??That?s not what you were saying earlier on??Fucking creep? hang on?Ross rose from his bed and sat at the computer waiting for the chat to begin?Ok? what do you want? You not going to let me see you since I know its not fucking Nasty???Why? you want to look at my cock???Forget it? what the fuck do you want???You ever been dogging???What the fuck???Just curious? have you???If you think I am going fucking dogging with you? think again??No? no? not thinking that? not with you anyway? but you never should say never. Just wanted to know? what?s it like? is it safe? things like that??Fuck. You really are a perv??Thought you weren?t going to call me that???Fuck off. Ok? if you must know? yes? I have??So what happens???You know what fucking happens??Ok? let me rephrase that? what did you do??Fucking perv. I flashed my tits? cunt? arse? and sucked off a couple of guys there??You didn?t fuck any of them? besides Jason I mean???Yes? fucking where is this going???nowhere? just really curious??You fucking know already? you?ve fucking read my diary?Alice let out a very audible gasp.?Yes, I did? just wanted to hear you say it??This is so fucking weird??You?ll get used to it. Were you not worried? and what about aids and stuff??Fuck?I'm not stupid... they had to use a fucking condom if they wanted to fuck me??Ok. But you didn?t mind sucking their dicks without one???I?m not worried about that as I know I don?t have any problems with my mouth or gums? so make sure you clean your fucking teeth if you are going to suck a guys cock??Fuck off. Ok? I?m off to bed? thanks sis? maybe get a gobble off you tomorrow sometime??Fuc?.?Ross closed the chat.?There? satisfied mum???Oh my god??Fancy a quick fuck mum??I can?t? your father???He?s fast asleep and you know it takes a nuclear bomb to wake him?********** Alice Gorman woke in a panic? it was 5:30 and her husband was gently shaking her by her shoulder.?I?m just off dear? did Ross have a nightmare or something?? ?Uh? yes? yes? he woke me up in a sweat? like he used to when he was five??Oh? ok? thought he would have been well past that stage by now? you can tell me all about it tonight when I get home??Ok sweetheart? enjoy your day fishing?Alice watched her husband tiptoe out of her son?s room, relieved that the duvet fully covered her and her son, who was still fast asleep spooning her naked body? his arm wrapped around her? his hand resting on her left tit.Comments can be made here or if preferred to (note the two NN in nastymann)
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