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Let me just say one thing about me before I tell you anything else: I love cock.

I love everything about it. I love the texture, soft and velvety and so silky smooth. I love the taste, so virile and strong and potent. The smell...captivating and masculine. Every single one is unique and different, but equally beautiful to me. Kind of like a snowflake.

But the one thing that gets me more excited than any other thing regarding cocks combined is their ability to get erect. I love nothing more in this world than a good rock hard cock. I am absolutely amazed and in awe of the entire process. Seeing it go from lifeless and flaccid to a state of painful arousal, swollen and engorged and ready to fuck. I love knowing that if I treat that beautiful cock just right, give it just the right attention, then I'll get to cause the most breathtaking explosion of pearly white cum. It's like my own private 4th of July!

Unfortunately, I haven't had much personal experience with them. I've had my embarrassingly few lovers and then finally my husband, and we've been together for ten years. This has only served to feed my appreciation for cock, though. Let's face it, we really do want what we can't have. I am a loving, loyal wife...but I think about hard cock all the time. Whenever I see an attractive man, I wonder what it would take to make his cock strain against the confines of his make it desperate to be sucked and fucked by me. That's what gets me the most. The thought that I could have the power to make a man's cock stand up and take notice, either by my looks, actions or even words. Why do you think I love to write erotica so much? One of the best feedbacks I ever got was just a simple thank you for an amazing orgasm. I tell you, I was on cloud nine all day after that.

Now, because of my fascination with all things erect, I have a wicked fixation with men masturbating. I had always wanted to see a man get painfully hard for me, then stroke that fucker until he was spurting hot cum everywhere.(preferably all over me!) But of course, I end up with a man that has no urge to stroke it at all, let alone for an audience. *quot;Why bother,*quot; he asks, *quot;I have you.*quot; Nevermind the fact that I think a man stroking it while thinking of me is the ultimate compliment that I could be given. No, that's not important at all.

So onward my fascination grew, and onward my yalova escort love of self-gratified cocks continued unrequited. What was a lonely faithful girl to do? She discovers a beautiful word: webcam. Or shall I say that it discovered me?

It was a little over a week ago that I was found, idly observing some chat room discussions on my favorite site, Literotica. I don't even remember what room I was in, I could have still been in the main lounge for all I remember. I know that things were very slow that night, and nobody had anything interesting to talk about. I was just getting ready to log out, when all of a sudden a private message popped up.

*quot;Do you like to watch men?*quot; he asked me. Do I! I couldn't believe that somehow this question was aimed at me. It was like I'd been sitting in the sidelines my entire life, and the coach finally tapped me to join the big game. I couldn't respond quick enough.

*quot;YES!*quot; I shouted thru my cable modem. We began to talk lightly and a little playfully, and he asked if I'd like to view his webcam. Now, I'd heard of these, but since I'd never had my own, I wasn't really sure how they worked. I have a very old piece of crap computer, and I never bothered getting one because I knew it would be too much to handle. Plus, I've always been a little shy regarding my looks. Most men seem to want a tiny supermodel, and no one could accuse me of that profession. I'm comfortable in my skin, but not comfortable enough to broadcast it to hundreds of nameless faceless people. Well, not comfortable enough yet. Every day has been a growing and learning experience for me, so I'll never say never.

As I was saying, I'd been invited to view his cam. I was immediately intrigued, so after we went and camped out at a different messenger service, I eagerly hit the accept button. I must say, I'll never regret that moment for as long as I live. He showed me his beautiful hard cock, and I was breathless with anticipation. It was so lovely! Not real large, but thick and solid. He had one of the most amazing tips I had ever seen, so fat and swollen and nearly purple with exertion. There was a shiny look to it, and when I asked him he told me that he loved to lube it up with oil. It was so erotic, watching his glistening fingers sliding up and down the shaft, coming up and swirling around that huge tip. To say that I was getting aroused would zonguldak escort be the understatement of the year.

As we continued to talk, or type rather, he went on to tell me that he loved masturbating. He would make it last as long as possible, anything to prolong that feeling of being hard. My pussy was getting so wet as I watched his fingers glide in that hypnotic rhythm, and I knew that this was some of the most fun I had ever had. He went on to tell me that not only did he love to stroke it, he loved to let people watch him, and also to do some watching himself. I assumed he just meant women, but he didn't. He liked seeing men, too. Not even in a sexual way...almost in a competitive way. He (I'll call him *quot;S*quot; for privacy's sake) told me that he got off on feeling jealous. He liked to bring in other anonymous cocks for a lovely lady to look at, and he liked hearing her getting excited by them. This would make him jealous, which would make him even more excited, which would eventually make him cum.

Before long S asked me if I would like to try this, said he was so aroused by the idea of introducing me to the world of webcam. So, ever the eager pupil, I quickly agreed. Before long we were joined by another man he'd found in some other site. I'll call him *quot;J*quot;. I must admit that I felt a little awkward at first. I'd never done anything like this, and it was very overwhelming. Plus, I had built up a good conversation with S, and I hated to see it end. Well, just as before, it was so worth it. Both men started going on about how cute I was in my picture I had up, and they were making me feel so sexy. When I saw J's big cock appear on my screen, I went crazy. Now I had two gorgeous cocks in front of me, both of them being stroked lovingly. We all began to chat in a conference room, and that quickly led to some very hot cyber action.

Before long, I was into this 100% and feeling wonderful. My hand kept straying towards my now soaking wet pussy, looking for some kind of release. The entire time I was talking to J, coaxing him to a mind-blowing orgasm, I kept getting little pm's from S. *quot;Do you like that big cock, baby?*quot; he would ask. *quot;Wanna feel that in your wet pussy?*quot;

*quot;Oh yes!*quot; I'd type as fast as I could one-handed. We kept going, describing some amazingly erotic 3-way scenarios. I would suck one of them deep inside my mouth while zonguldak escort the other would fuck me hard from behind. They would lay me down and slather me with oil and rub those glorious cocks all over my body, ending up with a hot shot of their cum all over my tits and face. I was in absolute fantasy heaven!

I didn't think it could get any better, until I saw J's hand begin to pump even faster. I typed as fast as I could one handed, trying to help him find that release he so obviously needed. The same release that was building up inside me. He was stroking so fast now, and I felt my breath catch at the huge burst of milky white cum that shot out of his thick cock all over his stomach. I couldn't help telling him that I wished I could be there to lick it all off of him. J had such a good time, he stayed around to watch what became of me and S.

With S having a thing about sharing just to get jealous, I had given him the perfect show (at least according to him) and he was finally ready to cum for me. I told him that I was right there too, and my pussy was dying to cum with him and that beautiful cock. We both got into it good, stroking harder and faster, until finally we both exploded at the same moment. I shook with the force of it, and his cock was so lovely I just wanted to suck it down deep like a fat lollypop and lick it clean.

We all made our gradual goodbyes, and I went to sleep with an enormous smile on my face. I had so much fun, and I recently realized that there was only about one day during this last week that I haven't made a connection with S. He will go and find random men to get jealous over, and I will try my hardest to make them cum quickly so that I can have my big finale with S. A few times J has returned to join us, and those have been some of the hottest. We all seem to click really well together, and it's a perfect blend. J likes to cum fast and hard, while S likes to take his time and enjoy me making J cum. I get the honor of seeing both of them finish, and it is so sexy and erotic that I want to squirm in my seat just thinking about it.

I honestly believe that every night has gotten better than the last, and I can't wait to see what he has in store for me now! I am truly addicted to watching these cams, and especially his and J's in particular. We've started using the talk function, and those are two of the sexiest voices I have ever heard in my life! I knew the thought of seeing men turned me on, but I had no idea it would so much fun for everyone involved. If you have never tried this, I highly recommend it to everyone at least once.

Just stay away from my I'm jealous!
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