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Standart The Game Ch. 07 Pt. 01


Good Day loyal reader! I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for the feedback you have given me and especially for you select few who have offered words of encouragement or have seen some of the first drafts of these stories. It is sometimes difficult to get into my characters world, but when I do I find the time I spend there rewarding. I never would have believed the length that this story has become when I started the first chapter, but here we are. I have also found that I enjoy writing more than I ever thought possible, and without your kind (and sometimes harsh) words, I never would have kept writing. So thank you for that.

And now it seems this story has gone in a new direction yet again. I hope you will find it interesting reading. It was interesting writing. It seems I that the depth of these characters has surprised me, and I can only hope that I have adequately represented them with my words. In that vein, I found this chapter more complex than any previous Chapters. I hope you enjoy it, AND of course, please comment when you are finished. I truly enjoy reading the comments and emails I get. And without further babbling from me???.

Chapter 7: The Game: Part One ? The Day After

I found myself in my white terry cloth robe sipping coffee on my couch after a hot shower. The contrasts of my life sometimes startle me, leaving me with a sense of reality dislocation. That was exactly how I felt now: dislocated from reality. My mind was still reeling from the night at Ron's.

I heard the shower start again as Rachel took her turn in the bathroom. Less than twelve hours ago we had both participated in an amazing sexual experience that climaxed with me using my vibrator on Rachel until she came so hard I thought she would pass out.

Now in the light of a new day, that moment seemed years ago and just second ago at the same time. Rachel and I did not say three words to each other on the train ride back to the city, and I found myself increasingly anxious about how she might be feeling. She seemed fine, but she had been through a lot of changes in the past month, and having group sex with her aunt probably was on her list of things she didn't expect.

I was hopeful that our relationship had not been damaged. I was not naïve enough to believe we could go back to *quot;normal*quot;, but I hoped that our relationship would not be hurt by the night's events.

There was also something more to my feelings that I could not deny.

I loved fucking her.

It was one of the most erotic, arousing, sexual, dirty, hot, wonderful things I have ever felt. In that moment when she orgasm rolled through her body; I loved the feeling it gave me. I loved the smell of her arousal and the feel of her soft, perfect skin. I loved the sound she made as she moaned into the pillow she held to her face as she came. I loved the feel of her pert, supple breasts, crowned with hardened nipples, in my hand. I loved the feeling of her quivering body under mine as her body tensed and relaxed in orgasmic rhythm as I fucked her deep and hard with my plastic cock.

Fucking her was amazing.

*quot;?.. penny for your thoughts.*quot;, Rachel's voice came from out of nowhere.

Startled, I came back out of the moment I was reliving to see Rachel standing at the edge of the hallway that led from the bathroom to the living room. She was smiling at me and looked stunning. Her auburn hair was wet and an auburn curl clung to the side of her face from below a towel. She wore an identical robe to mine and had obviously just finished her shower.

*quot;Whatcha thinking about?*quot;, she asked grinning. *quot;Last night?*quot;

Rachel had an uncanny ability with words. She could say everything and nothing in the same sentence. Was she talking about the night in general or the part where we had lesbian sex. Damn her I was blushing.

*quot;Yeah a little.*quot;, I admitted with burning cheeks.

Rachel smiled at me wider and went to the kitchen. *quot;I need a cup of coffee. Want a refill?*quot; she asked not pursuing her line of questioning. I wondered if she was toying with me or if she was perhaps as nervous as I was.

*quot;Sure.*quot; I said both relieved and irritated that she had not said more about last night.

She returned a second later with a cup and the pot. She refilled my cup and her own and sat on the other end of the sofa with her legs folded under her. She was about to say something when the phone rang.

For a moment neither of us moved. Her eyes never left me and on the second ring her eyebrows raised slightly as if to ask, *quot;Well are you going to get that?*quot;.

I rolled to the end of the couch and picked up the cordless phone from the table.


*quot;Hey Babe,*quot; Ron's voice said on the other end of the line. *quot;I missed you this morning. Everything OK?*quot;

I twisted my hair nervously. Rachel and I had caught the early train back to the city and Ron had still been sleeping when we left. Michelle, Molee, and Tim were sharing a bed in the back of the basement, so we had escaped van escort without saying our goodbyes. It was a rude I suppose, but at the time I had just wanted to get out of there before Rachel had to relive the night before in front of everyone.

*quot;Yeah, we're cool. Just wanted to get back. I have some work to do around the house today. Sorry we split without saying 'Goodbye'*quot; I said noncommittally.

*quot;No worries. How's Rachel?*quot;, Ron asked tentatively.

*quot;Good. She's sitting right next to me.*quot; I replied.

Rachel was grinning knowing that I must be talking to Ron, and I wondered if I detected a hint of amusement in her twinkling eyes.

*quot;Well hope we didn't freak her out last night, but she seemed in the spirit of things. You sure YOU are ok?*quot; he asked again.

I sighed and said, *quot;Yeah no problems here babe.*quot; I felt and sounded a little more like myself and I could feel the nervousness in Ron's voice relax. He was obviously calling to make sure I or Rachel had not freaked out. I felt a little guilty now about not telling him we were leaving.

*quot;Okay then, call me later?*quot;, he asked.

*quot;Sure.*quot; I said casually.

*quot;Okay, Love you.*quot; He said.

*quot;Love you too.*quot; I replied and hung up.

I turned back to Rachel she was grinning and said in a mocking voice, *quot;I love you too*quot;. She was dramatically pretending to hold the phone to her ear and blow kisses through it.

*quot;Fuck you.*quot; I said grinning myself and threw a pillow at her.

Rachel cackled and caught the pillow and began to hold it close to her sensuously stroking it, *quot;I love you Ron. Thanks for letting me fuck Tim's big dick while my niece played with your balls. You are such a wonderful boyfriend.*quot;

I was blushing hard now, and hearing her say what I did last night out loud, I once again had a terrible rush of guilt for some of the things I had done with Ron. I thought I was over that, but some feelings are hard to let go of. My stomach was full of butterflies and part of me wanted to run away and hide. *quot;Shit what if Rachel tells her mother.*quot; I thought knowing how unlikely that really was.

Rachel was watching me blush and it was like she was reading my mind. *quot;So are you freaking out now?*quot;, she asked perceptively.

I cocked my head considering her. *quot;No not really*quot;, I said stretching the truth a bit.

She considered me with those piercing eyes of hers but said nothing. I squirmed a little bit under her gaze and finally capitulated by saying, *quot;Well maybe a little.*quot;

Rachel grinned nervously and that only added to the tension. *quot;It's okay Aunt Sara. To be honest I was a little freaked when I woke up this morning, but I'm okay now.*quot;

I wasn't sure that I believed her. She was clearly in turmoil over last night and I wondered how she was feeling. Shit the girl had to be a little freaked out.

She stared at me with those beautiful eyes of hers, and I could see confliction in them. She was confused and probably needed someone to help her sort her feelings out. I just wasn't sure that I was unbiased enough to be there only for her.

One thing was sure. It was time to have a talk about last night. It was now or never, and I knew if I didn't say the right thing here, we may never talk about it again. That might be okay, but we would never be as close as we had been again. We somehow both instinctively knew this, and she had put the ball squarely in my court.

*quot;Tell me how you felt.*quot; I said tentatively feeling my stomach knot.

Rachel's expression wavered and she closed her eyes as if trying to articulate her feelings. She bit her bottom lip involuntarily and then spoke softly to me from her heart, *quot;Well to be honest when I woke up this morning I was a disoriented and then the reality of where I was slowly came back to me. It was like waking up from a dream and as I came more and more awake, I felt?. er?*quot;, she trailed off as if struggling for the right words.

I knew this must be difficult for her and I empathized. It's not easy to lay some secrets of the heart bare before another person no matter how close you are.

I wondered if we had not made a terrible mistake and a tremor of guilt washed through me. I wanted to make this easier for her. *quot;It's okay Rachel. Just tell me how you felt.*quot; I coaxed with as soothing a voice as I could muster.

She was blushing now, and I think it was the first time I had seen her blush in the last 24 hours. *quot;Well to be honest, I was embarrassed about what we did and was afraid of what you would think of me.*quot; She whispered.

*quot;What I would think of you?*quot; I asked more than a little surprised.

*quot;Yeah, you know. I mean I got a little crazy last night and you know, I basically had your boyfriend fuck Molee right there in front of you. And then upstairs ? well you know? what we did.*quot; He voice cracked as if she could not say the words.

She continued after a deep breath, *quot;I was just caught up in the moment and you were so wonderful with me. I never lost control like that before, and maybe yalova escort it was the alcohol, but then again maybe it wasn't. I am sorry; and I hope you aren't mad at me. I am so sorry if I did anything last night that disappointed you.*quot; she said as her eyes turned glassy with un-spilled tears.

Understanding hit me like a hammer. She was embarrassed and felt like she had pushed me into doing things that I didn't want to do. I would have laughed if her pain was not so evident in her eyes. No wonder she didn't talk to me on the train ride home. She felt like she had gotten drunk and molested me.

I held up my hand gently to silence her. It was time to end her misery. *quot;It's okay Rachel. I am not mad.*quot; I said in as normal tone as I could muster.

She stopped babbling and stared at me. For a moment neither of us spoke and then, *quot;You're not?*quot;, she asked.

*quot;No.*quot; I said reassuringly.

Neither of us spoke for a minute or two, but in that minute some of the anxiety seemed to slowly leak from Rachel and I was glad.

Then I spoke to her again, *quot;Look Rachel. Last night happened. I don't know how I am supposed to feel about it, but at the time it felt great. No one, especially not you, forced me into anything. Part of me loved every second of last night, and that I loved it also scares me a little. I was afraid I had changed our relationship for the worse, and that is last thing I would want. But since we are both being honest about our feelings, part of me was turned on beyond belief by what I saw you do last night, but it never has to happen again.*quot;

Rachel said nothing and only stared at me for several seconds. *quot;You mean you liked it?*quot;, she asked.

I smiled and said, *quot;It was pretty hot. And yes part of me liked it, but I would never want you to feel bad about what happened. If anyone should be sorry here it's me.*quot;

She didn't say anything to that, but I could see the relieve wash through her. *quot;I don't feel bad about what we did.*quot; she said. *quot;And like you said, it will never happen again.*quot; she said in a quiet tone. Her eyes still held tears and I was surprised that her relief was not accompanied by the smile I have grown to love.

I smiled biting back a surprising feeling of disappointment. *quot;No it never has to happen again hun. We can just write it off to the booze and skinny dipping.*quot;

Did I just feel a stab of regret? Did I want it to happen again? Part of me did, but not enough to risk Rachel's feelings.

*quot;Oh,*quot; she replied and then fell silent and stared contemplatively at her feet.

*quot;What's wrong?*quot;, I asked her. *quot;We can't make last night un-happen, but I don't feel guilty about it and I hope you don't either.*quot; I said. I was a little worried now. I expected her to be able to put the night behind her. But instead she was staring down not looking at me. Shit what have we done?

*quot;I don't feel guilty,*quot; she mumbled still not looking up.

I moved toward her and took her hand in mine. *quot;It's okay Rach. Don't cry.*quot; I said.

She looked up at me tears welling in her eyes and smiled slightly but not brightly. *quot;I'm sorry Aunt Sara,*quot; she said, *quot;It's just that?*quot; the last of her sentence trailed off as the first of her tears broke free and traced lines down the sensual curves of her cheek.

*quot;It's just what kiddo?*quot;, I asked not sure I wanted to know.

*quot;It's stupid never mind.*quot; she said and tried to pull away and stand up.

I pushed her back lightly on the couch and held her hand tighter. I pushed her hair back gently from her face and took her chin in my hand gently forcing her to look at me. *quot;It's just what Rachel?*quot; I asked again.

She didn't say anything for a minute and then said, *quot;Well it's just that last night was incredibly intense, and this morning when I thought about it. It just?.*quot;

She turned away from my eyes again, and I pulled her back to me. *quot;What?*quot; I asked. *quot;It's okay. Just tell me.*quot;

She sighed with resignation, bit down on her bottom lip, and said, *quot;The whole way back here and for every minute since I woke up this morning I have been playing the night over and over in my head. I can't believe how incredible it was and how hard I ? came when I was with you. I just can't stop thinking about it and I'm so damn horny I can't think straight anymore. I know you don't want to do that with me again, but it's all I can think about. Even right now I see you and imagine you making me feel so good.*quot;

Her words flowed out of her in a rapid babble as if some dam had broken and her feeling flowed out of her unrestrained.

I smiled at her and leaned forward and kissed her forehead. I hesitated for only a moment and decided to speak my heart truthfully. She deserved the truth for no other reason than she had given it to me.

*quot;I didn't say I didn't want to do it again; I said we didn't have to.*quot; I said in a quiet voice that came from my heart. And with those words, I knew I had just redefined the basis of our relationship.

I was not sure if I said the 'right' thing, giresun escort but it was the truth. And sometimes the truth must stand up naked in the light of day, whatever the cost; for regardless of the price, to give up truth is to give up humanity, and nothing would be dearer than that.

She looked at me for a minute and as comprehension bloomed across her face so did the smile that I had expected.

My body tingled in a moment of anticipation. 'In for a penny; in for a pound', I thought. We were not done here and we both knew it. Truth without action was the same as a lie.

And with this thought, I slowly moved my hand to the knot holding her robe together and pulled it seductively until the knot gave way. I pushed the two folds of the material apart to reveal Rachel's firm, flat stomach. I could smell the sweet scent of flowers and soap from her shower and something else: something sweet and tangy that I recognized immediately as arousal.

I grinned at her as she just stared down at me and I kneeled on the floor and further opened her robe until her breasts broke free from their restraint. Her nipples were pink and hard and I used my finger tips to gently trace a slow line between her breasts down across her tight stomach.

Rachel gasped and said, *quot;God that feels good.*quot;

*quot;I know and it's going to get so much better.*quot; I replied.

Those were the only words we spoke, but so much more was said.

Rachel laid her head back against the back of the couch and closed her eyes. I moved my mouth to her belly button and kissed it gently flicking my tongue into it. 'God she is beautiful.' I thought.

I pushed her robe completely open exposing her young, sexy pussy that beckoned me. She was completely bare from the razor Molee had wielded the night before and her lips were moist and pink. Her clit stood out hard and firm like a small erect cock ready straining for pleasure. I inhaled and smelled her and felt my own clitoris tingle in anticipation.

She was mewing like a cat now as she felt my breath on her skin. Her groans were soft and pleading and I savored the moment knowing the pleasure of anticipation she felt.

I smiled to myself and lowered my mouth to her. The tip of my tongue grazed her clit and she trembled. I kissed her pussy like a lover using my tongue in swirling motions and penetrating her softly.

*quot;Oh God,*quot; she cried as her hips began to rock slowly into me.

I licked my middle finger and slowly fed it into her willing pussy. I fucked her slowly with my fingers as my talented tongue pleasured her clitoris. I was immediately rewarded with a flood from her young, tight cunt..

Her pussy was spasming in pre-orgasmic rhythms and I had no intention of slowing her ride down. I curled my finger inside of her. God she was tight and warm and wet. I found her G-spot an inch inside of her pussy and was momentarily amazed at the size of it.

She groaned louder now and trembles ran through her body unchecked. Her hands gripped the back of the couch tightly and she thrust her pussy into my face with each thrust of my finger.

She erupted within seconds crying out her orgasm as I watched the pleasure role through her flat stomach and squeeze my finger tightly. *quot;God I'm CUMMING!*quot; she screamed as I sucked her clit into my mouth. The orgasm was intense but I held her clit in my mouth and used my tongue on it relentlessly as my finger applied more gentle rubbing motions to her magic G-spot.

*quot;OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD!*quot;, she screamed until it became a chant that became an orgasmic mantra.

Her pussy flooded again in release but with the force of ejaculation that I only recently discovered was possible for a woman. Rachel became a human fountain of cum that coated my lips and face in such quantities that it dripped down my chest and onto my tits. I knew she had just *quot;squirted*quot; but I did not relent with my tongue at the risk of possibly drowning.

Slowly she let go and collapsed in exhaustion into the couch. I kissed her inner thighs lightly and slowly let my finger slide out of her. I heard her groan lightly as the tip of my finger left her. I empathized with her knowing the feeling of emptiness as Ron's cock slowly wilted and slid out of me so many times leaving me satisfied but yet somehow empty.

She leaned forward and opened her eyes and saw me. *quot;Wow that was amazing!*quot;, she said.

I grinned and dried my face on my own robe. She leaned forward and saw how wet I was for the first time. *quot;God did I do that?*quot;, she asked genuinely curious.

*quot;Yep. It seems you are a 'squirter'*quot; I replied.

*quot;A What?*quot; she asked in a shocked voice.

*quot;A 'squirter'. You know a girl who can ejaculate.*quot; I said still wiping my face.

*quot;Jeez are you okay?*quot;, she asked clearly surprised and embarrassed at the same time..

I laughed out loud and said, *quot;Yeah I think I will live. Relax you never came like that when you masturbate?*quot; I asked.

*quot;No never. Well er, once I guess, but honestly I thought I pissed myself.*quot; She said blushing bright red.

I laughed again hard this time and she soon joined in. *quot;Next time get a mirror and watch the action. It's really quite amazing. It's happened to me a couple of times too.*quot;
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