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Standart Family Ties Ch. 08

Chapter Eight: Free at last and heading home.

Free at last, free at last. Thank the gods I'm free at last! Eighteen years of servitude, toil and degradation was finally over. I had graduated, received my walking papers, got my M.B.A and been released from the prison of university life and unlike my poor colleagues, my fellow toilers at the well of finer education I was not going out into the cold cruel world of reality to search for an entry level position, trying to build a life and advance at some corporation while paying for the last six years of very expensive learning at six percent interest compounded yearly.

I was free and about to apply my vast business knowledge (according to that shiny new piece of paper I had been presented) and my minor in farm management to the business of taking over my family business. Gramps wanted to retire and Dad was running the place but as he himself admitted without the necessary background. That's where I come in. I was now to be groomed to run the family farm.

Ok, I can hear the laughter, eighteen years of schooling to drive a tractor and slop pigs. Not exactly. My family's farm is more of a pony/training facility. Still the laughter? Oh, not the type of ponies those little girls want for their birthdays. These ponies are the type that little girls someday hope to become.

Now you're beginning to understand, we train young women to be human ponies. We also train wives and girlfriends and mistresses to be ponies or puppies or just good ole fashioned domestic slaves. Sex slaves, pain sluts or total submissive's, we train um all.

Take my sister for example; she has been a sex slave/pain slut for the last three years. A year and a half with my father who trained her and the last year and a half as my personnel slave, taking care of my every need, want and desire whilst keeping our apartment clean, doing the cooking and shopping and generally taking care of everything so I could concentrate on my studies.

Incest! Gasp horrified expressions of religious fervor! Give me a break. Two hundred years ago maybe there was a justification, but with today's modern birth control methods and without a belief in that ole time religion, she is just another willing pussy, as is my mother and older sister and my grandmother cum to think of it.

Yeah it's a family thing. I dare any male over the age of twelve to tell me he didn't at least have a fleeting thought of it when he caught sight of his sister or mother naked in the bath or swimming in the family pool.

Ever have an aunt come over for the holidays and catch her or one of your female cousin's in flagrante delicto? If the thought didn't cross your mind and harden your cock, I'm sorry for you.

Regardless in my family we all enjoy each other as sexual beings as well as dominates and submissive's. I suppose sometime in the future I will have to shop for a wife as the saying goes and my sister will want a husband of her own but for now we are young and free (that wonderful word again) and time is on our side.

My entire family was there at graduation to see me parade around in my cap and gown with the exception of my older sister Christine. When I asked about her Gramps said we would talk later and I was so busy it slipped right out of my thoughts. Even our neighbor Connie came to watch the ceremonies and congratulate me on my achievement. There was surprising news on that front which I'll get to later.

Dad took everyone out to dinner at a real fine restaurant and a good time was had by all, as the saying goes.

While I was technically free, finishing up various academic things kept me at the university for another month after graduation. Paperwork, closing out accounts at the library, the bookstore: finishing my paperwork for the various students that I was a teaching assistant for all required time. Finally all I's were crossed and the T's dotted and all that was left was the going away party hosted by friends we had made during our time here.

Collen and his girlfriend had a nice house a few blocks away from campus with a pool and spa which in the early summer was the perfect place for a party. Thirty people, some we knew, and some we had just met or seen around campus showed up and by 10 pm everyone was feeling no pain. Collen ran a nice bar and several keggers had everyone enjoying the warm summer night.

Experience is a good thing, so unlike the last time I was at a party where almost everyone stripped off and had fun, this time I was just feeling the booze and not totally inebriated. The same could not be said for my sister/slave (known as my girlfriend to the campus crowd). She was totally trabzon escort soused, gonzo, three and a half sheets to the wind. This had the effect of lowering what few inhibitions she possessed, to the point where I found her naked in the spa, a cock buried in her pussy from behind and another working to push it's way into her stomach via her deep throat.

I was seated in a lounge chair watching the sexual antics of the very athletic trio and enjoying the show. Collen and his significant other Pamela had come over to join me, worried no doubt about my reaction to the goings on in the spa.

I reassured them with my first words. *quot;If there was room, I'd see it she could handle three cocks at one time but the positioning in that spa would be a bitch and far too much work for as relaxed and comfortable as I am feeling at the moment.*quot; I smiled as they pulled up chairs next to mine. *quot;They do put on a good show.*quot;

Pam a striking red haired slim woman had a body builder's biceps and a dancers legs, the result of years of fencing. She was slim waisted and small breasted and sitting much closer than was usual for someone you hadn't been intimate with while Collen with his tennis players body and California blond surfer hair was relaxing behind her.

*quot;We are so glad you're not upset.*quot; Pam smiled and leaned in even closer. *quot;We have wanted to try a three way for some time now but were hesitant. We wanted to find someone that could handle the dynamics without getting stuck on the whole love/sex thing.*quot;

I looked over a Collen and saw his ear to ear grin and he nodded which I took as a good sign. *quot;Here in public or would you rather slip inside to the privacy of your bedroom?*quot; Pam smiled and kissed my cheek as she stood up.

*quot;Give me a few minutes and them you boys come along to our room.*quot; Pam half sauntered half ran for the sliding glass door to the house.

Collen stood up and excused himself saying he was going to fetch drinks for the three of us.

I walked over to the spa and tapped my sister on the shoulder. *quot;Be good to the gentlemen. I will be back in a while.*quot; She nodded but couldn't say much around the cock stuffed in her eagerly sucking mouth. I laughed and headed for the house.

Once inside our hosts nicely furnished and decorated home I headed for the bathroom to relieve myself and wash up a bit before making my way upstairs to the master bedroom. I paused in the doorway just taking in the scene of Pam's now naked and oiled body laying on the sheet a top her bed.

Seeing all the muscled and trimmed body, those tiny firm tits and wet and oil glistening pussy gave me an instant hard on. Collen came up behind me with a couple of bottles of nice wine and three glasses.

*quot;Waiting for an invitation?*quot;

*quot;Nope just enjoying the view!*quot; I waved at the king sized bed with its naked occupant now on her hands and knees facing us.

*quot;I see what you mean!*quot;

I walked over and bent down to kiss Pam as Collen began to open the wine. Pam kissed as good as she looked. Her fingers were already busy opening my drawstring on the swim trunks and pushing the material down my legs to pool on the floor. She continued to kiss down my body until she reached her goal, kissing from my stomach along the top of my hardened cock and sucking in the head. Her tongue made rapid swirls around the tip of my organ then began licking her way back down the underside of my organ, where she sucked in first one then the other ball sack and proceeded to lick and suck on them.

Collen handed me a glass of wine as he crawled up on the bed behind his beautiful companion. He spread her ass cheeks and kissed, licked and nibbled on the firm flesh.

I took a drink, taking time to enjoy the sparking bite of the alcohol before dribbling a few drops at a time the golden nectar over my cock and into the open mouth of this pretty woman servicing my cock.

Pam pulled away swallowing, opened her mouth and murmured *quot;More*quot;

I poured a little directly into her waiting mouth and watched as she let it fill the lower jaw, capturing it, and then using her half filled mouthful to bath the head of my cock in a pool of cool liquid in her warm oral cavern. She griped my ass cheeks and forced her head down on my cock swallowing the now warmed wine and my shaft in one easy swallow. She held me in her throat, the muscles massaging my shaft as her tongue teased the rest of my cock. Collen had been working over her ass, loosening up the tight ring of her anus. I watched as he pressed one then two and finally three fingers into her rear and the remaining into her open cunt until he was holding her like a bowling ball. Now he reached uşak escort around her leg with his other hand and began to search out and manipulate her clit. This brought her gasping and rising to her knees, which gave me the perfect chance to swoop in and suck the tiny hard buds of her small breasts completely into my mouth tonguing her nips into hardened arousal.

I bit each little nub lightly drawing a swift intake of breath from my hostess, her arm wrapped around my head and pulled me in closer and tighter. *quot;More, harder.*quot; She instructed.

Always one to please a lady, I sucked as much of her right tit as deep in my mouth as I could and lightly bit down on the breast. She tightening muscles pressing me closer signaled she was enjoying this so I bit harder. A long drawn out *quot;Ahhhhhh*quot; gave me the incentive to continue and I swapped tits. This time I went for a little more pain as I bit and felt her shudder. Her fingers were wrapping themselves in my hair and holding tight.

Collen had released his hold on her ass and pussy and was pressing into her tight ring with a truly impressively wide cock. He wasn't overly long but was at least as wide as my wrist. I could feel her shuddering and pushing back against him as his length disappeared into her rear passage.

She dropped back onto all fours and once again found my cock with her talented lips and tongue. I took her short red hair in my fingers and took control of her head matching my face fucking to Collen's rhythm as he fucked her ass and we seesawed the woman between us like pistons in an engine. Pam was slowly getting noisier as her voice went primal and her facial muscles grew tighter the closer she came to her tipping point. When she began to shudder through her climax Collen slammed into her to the root of his cock and I unloaded onto her face as she screamed with her own climax. Collen pulled out and sprayed his load over her back and ass just moments later and we all three collapsed on the bed.

Sis choose that moment to walk into the room looking to see if it was ok to join us. I waved her in and told her to clean us up. She was topless having lost her bikini top somewhere between the pool and spa and Collen seemed mesmerized by her swaying and ringed juggs as she crawled onto the bed and began licking his spunk from Pam's back and ass. When Pam' backside was clean she sucked Collen's wide cock into her mouth and cleaned him. Pam allowed her to kiss and lick my dripping sperm from her face and tit's before she finally came over and gently licked my cock and balls to glistening perfection. I handed her my wine glass to wash down her efforts and thanked her for the service.

Both Pam and Collen were fascinated by the rings in her nipples and pussy lips and spent awhile examining her. One thing lead to another and Pam was soon doing a lezbo sixty nine a top of Lauren while Collen fucked sis's pussy and I fucked Pam's tight little hot box. None of us lasted long even though we had cum quite well not a half hour earlier, but the effect of a hot tongue on the clit while a hotter cock spears your pussy or plunging deep into a war and wet pussy while a snake like tongue stimulates the upper ridge of your cock has the tendency to stimulate the explosive ending of a session no matter what went on before.

What happened to the rest of the guests, how long the pool party went on we never did learn as we spent the rest of the evening and far into the night exploring our own smaller more intimate party.

Sunday dawned and stretched into midmorning before I was able to crank open a single eye only to see a warm pink sunrise climbing over the top of a blue sheet mountain. Pam's glorious naked tit stared me in the face and I was wrapped around her still sleeping form. Warm softness snuggled into my backside informing me where my sister was and the heavy muscular arm across my midsection told me Collen was on sis's other side and wrapped around her as well.

Of all the things I like about sex waking up wrapped in warm bodies after a night of hot sweaty sex is probably the best.

Pam noticed I was awake and kissed me good morning, but before I could take that kiss further she shushed me and beckoned with her finger for me to follow her as she glided out of bed and drew me along.

She closed the door softly behind us and turned to give me a proper good morning kiss. Snuggling up to and embracing a warm relaxed and soft in the right places woman is a great way to start a day. We walked down the stairs naked as the day we were born hand in hand and headed for the kitchen.

Hot fresh coffee is almost, almost as good as a warm woman first thing van escort in the am.

*quot;Thank you and Lauren, last night was incredible.*quot;

I smiled. *quot;You were pretty incredible yourself. And Lauren and Collen seemed to be enjoying themselves if I remember correctly.*quot;

Pam laughed an easy relaxed laugh. *quot;Oh you remember correctly. Collen is totally enamored by those big titties of your girlfriend and those rings. I am afraid he is going to want me to get pierced as much fun as he was having with them. I'm afraid my tiny tits won't be enough to satisfy him now.*quot;

*quot;I think Collen is a lucky man. And your tits are just fine as I recall from last night, perfect for sucking in and biting.*quot;

Her hands went to her tits. *quot;Yes you did and I'm not one who can take a lot of pain but somehow last night it was wonderful even if I am a bit sore this morning.*quot;

I brushed her hands aside and massaged her tits. *quot;Not too sore I hope?*quot; I bent over and began sucking on her nipples again. Her intake of breath told me sore wasn't what she was feeling. Her hand stroked my cock and the resulting wood told her how I was feeling.

We kissed and groped and played for a few minutes before I turned her around and bent her over the counter. I snatched up a bottle of olive oil from the display rack on the counter and oiled my cock and her ass. She crouched and offered the best angle as I pressed my dick into her resisting ass ring and slowly began to insert myself into her. We began slowly enough to allow her to open to me but before to long I was pounding her butt like there was gold at the bottom and I was drilling for all I was worth.

The edge of the counter was hitting her right across her clit and she came twice before I emptied my load into her sweet ass. I lifted her light frame and dropped into the chair with her on my lap and still impaled on my cock. We sat snuggled and drank the remainder of our coffees, before Pam eased herself off my now less than rigid member. She ran off to the bathroom as I poured us both another cup.

Pam returned with a wet washcloth and cleaned me up ending with a lick and a promise. We sat enjoying the morning and had actually begun breakfast fixings when the two slug a beds finally managed to stumble down and join us. Collen and Lauren had indulged far more than Pam or I and were paying for it this morning.

*quot;Mimosa's that's what we need. A little hair of the dog.*quot; Pam went and brought a bottle of champagne which I opened as she mixed up some frozen o.j.

Several glasses and a hearty breakfast later we adjourned to poolside, everyone still sans suit, or anything else and spent the early afternoon just soaking up the sun and talking.

Collen had secured a position in town and Pam was already coaching fencing at the university so they were pretty well set for the next few years. We discussed the farm that I would be managing (not that I could tell them much about what the farm really produced) and we all wanted to stay in touch and get together when possible.

Lauren and I left early that evening to finish our packing with two very close friends as a finish point to our educational experience.

Monday found us on the road, the apartment cleaned up and returned to the management company and looking forward to reaching the farm and the next chapter in our lives.

It was early afternoon when we cleared the last gate to find the entire family waiting for us by the old farm house. Hugs and kisses and congratulations all around and then Gramps and Dad sprung their little surprise.

Not one but two new houses had been built each on its own small area of land forming a new square with the old farm house and the two barns. One was for my parents who had moved in upon completion last fall and the newest one for me and for the moment sis.

While from the outside all three residences looked almost the same, on the inside my new home was as ultra modern as Gramps was old fashioned. Solar heating and cooling, ultra efficient insulation and three pane windows, satellite TV and high speed data connections throughout. Marvelous walk in fridge and pantry, spa tubs and stand alone showers, big screen TV sets and the biggest kitchen I'd ever seen.

Gramps walked me around the farm updating me on several new things when I saw a slave in heavy chains, covered in whip marks and filthy from blood, dirt and other fluids I couldn't even identify. She was a mess. I looked at Gramps and for the first time in my life Gramps wouldn't look me in the eyes.

I stopped him and really looked at the slave. Christine. What the fuck?

Gramps suddenly looked every bit the worn out old man instead of the vibrant hale and hearty man I knew him to be.

*quot;Son.*quot; His voice quivered. *quot;We need to talk about your sister.*quot;

Suddenly the thought that I was free at last sounded more like the slamming of a cage door in my head.
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