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Standart Across the Bridge Pt. 03

When I awoke it was dark. I heard Keith snoring softly, and I knew I wasn't the only one who needed a lengthy nap after our afternoon romp.

I eased out of bed, trying not to disturb him. In the bathroom, I stood naked in front of the mirror. Not bad for my 40s, I thought. My breasts were ample and still firm. My hips were curvy, but not so much more as they were 10 years ago. I turned around and looked over my shoulder. While many women think their ass is their worst feature, I know it is my best. And it still looked good, particularly when I stood up on my toes. So maybe showing it off a bit wasn't that crazy.

Thinking back to what happened earlier in the day, I began to get excited again, remembering what it felt like to walk down the street with only a layer of paint (well, maybe two layers, in spots) covering my breasts. Men looking at me, and some women as well. It was thrilling to know that they found me sexy and desirable.

I wanted to go further, to continue the exploration that Keith and I had begun on our trip to Key West. But I didn't want to make Keith feel uncomfortable, or even angry, with anything that I might do. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I wanted Keith to feel the thrill that I had.

Walking out of the bathroom, I took two large terrycloth robes out of the closet and threw them on the corner of the bed. I crept over to Keith's side of the bed and pulled the sheet back, uncovering his naked body. He had kept himself in shape, and seeing him there asleep, one arm thrown out, one leg bent at the knee, and his cock in a state of partial tumescence, I couldn't help but kneel down on the floor by the bed and begin to lick the tip of his cock.

He stirred, still not awake, and I took the head of his cock between my lips, working slowly up and down, feeling his erection begin to grow. I took more of him into my mouth, pausing occasionally to run the tip of my tongue the length of his shaft. He moaned softly as I felt the head of his cock reach the back of my throat. Deep throating was something that had always come rather easily to me, and I loved the feeling of taking Keith all the way in.

I felt his hand on my hair, cradling my head as I began to bob up and down on his shaft, now rock hard. I added some saliva and some sucking, and it began to sound like just what it was - a sloppy blow job, lovingly administered.

His cock was in my mouth, one of my hands stroking his shaft, and another caressing his balls. Soon, I began to taste Keith's pre-cum, tangy in my mouth.

*quot;Alright, Buster,*quot; I said with a laugh, *quot;let's go.*quot;

As Keith raised his head, I could see confusion registered on his face. *quot;What? Where? Why?*quot;

*quot;Oh, don't worry, you'll get more. But now I want to change our locale.*quot; I stood up, my knees a bit worse for the wear, and tossed him a robe. *quot;Come on, I'll bet the hot tub would feel great right about now.*quot; I took a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from the refrigerator and held it up, along with two wine glasses. *quot;Ready?*quot;

*quot;Sure,*quot; said Keith, now fully awake but somewhat apprehensive. *quot;Don't we need our suits? At least to start?*quot;

*quot;No, we don't. Our friends last night told us that the pool is officially clothing-optional, so I don't see any reason not to take advantage. Maybe we'll run into them again.*quot;

Keith chuckled softly. *quot;I didn't expect to hear that from you 48 hour ago, but now it's beginning to sound about par for the course. Sure, let's go.*quot;

We had slept through the afternoon and most of the evening, so when we stepped outside, it was a little after 10. The heat of the day had dissipated, and there was a pleasant breeze blowing across the courtyard. Standing next to the hot tub, I shrugged out of my robe and felt the wind caressing my skin, making my nipples stand firm and proud. Keith was still partially hard, and his cock looked wonderful in the moonlight.

I walked over to a wooden table with white towels stacked on it, grabbing four of them, two for drying off, two for seating comfort on the side of the tub. Though my back was to him, I could feel Keith's eyes on me, no doubt admiring my curvy ass, one of his favorites of my attributes. It was a wonderful sensation, and as the sexual flush began to radiate through my body, I wondered who else might be looking at me right then. The feeling was electric.

We slid into the water, which seemed too hot at first, but after about a minute felt just perfect. I poured us each a glass of wine, and we settled back, sitting close to each other on the tub's bench. I reached over and began to lazily stroke Keith's thigh under the water, occasionally straying up to brush his now-engorged cock. He made a contented sound and closed his eyes, periodically sipping on his wine.

We heard a door open and saw a woman walking toward us. She was around 30, with wavy red hair that contrasted with her white robe. She looked around for a moment and then started our way. When she got close, she tekirdağ escort said, *quot;Hello, mind if I join you?*quot;

*quot;Please,*quot; I said, raising a hand out of the water to gesture to the other side of the hot tub, *quot;there's plenty of room.*quot;

She was carrying some things wrapped in a towel, among which were a bottle of wine and a wine glass. *quot;We seem to be on the same page,*quot; she said, nodding to our bottle sitting beside the tub. *quot;And also on the clothing-optional thing, it appears.*quot; She smiled as she untied the belt of her robe and let the garment slide off of her shoulders. Her body was incredible, with pale skin and a few freckles. Her breasts weren't as big as mine, but they had large nipples, which were hard in the evening breeze. She was rather slim, but when she turned around to put her things down, we could see that she had a voluptuous ass.

The woman slowly slid into the water and settled herself across from us, her wine bottle and glass arranged on the side of the tub. *quot;I'm Julie, by the way,*quot; she said, holding out her hand. *quot;Pleased to meet you,*quot; I said, taking her hand. *quot;I'm Marianne, and this is Keith.*quot; She held my hand firmly, keeping it in her grip for what seemed a long time.

*quot;What brings you to Key West?*quot; I asked.

*quot;What brings anybody?*quot; she answered, smiling. *quot;Fun and frolic. A bunch of cocktails, a bunch of fun.*quot;

*quot;Are you here alone?*quot;

*quot;This time I am. Last time I brought a guy with me, but he slowed me down and...*quot; She paused for a moment and then decided on the correct phrase. *quot;Limited my options.*quot;

*quot;Wouldn't want that,*quot; Keith said, chuckling.

*quot;So I saw you guys get in the tub, and I decided to be neighborly, since you guys look fun,*quot; Julie went on. She reached under her folded towel, pulling out a joint and a lighter. *quot;Want to share, neighbors?*quot; she asked with raised eyebrows.

*quot;Sure,*quot; Keith said. *quot;That would be great. We haven't had any in quite a while.*quot; Probably a few years, I thought, remembering a barbecue with some friends that had gotten rather festive as the afternoon wore on.

Julie lit the joint, took a hit, and passed it to me. I inhaled, being careful not to draw too much smoke into my lungs. I didn't want to be coughing like a newbie. I passed it to Keith, and he hit it hard before sending the joint back to Julie. It went around a couple of times before Julie dipped a hand in the water and extinguished the burning ember between her thumb and forefinger. *quot;Save some for later,*quot; she said. *quot;It's pretty strong.*quot;

And it was. Within a few minutes, I was feeling the full effects, growing rather light-headed with a satisfying glow. No one said anything for a while, enjoying the beautiful evening. Keith reached over to the control panel, and soon bubbles churned around us.

*quot;Mmm, that feels great,*quot; Julie said, *quot;but do you mind if I move over to your side? I don't want to yell, since it's getting late.*quot;

*quot;Of course not,*quot; I said. *quot;Mi tub is su tub.*quot; Boy, I was stoned.

Julie stood, and I watched as the water ran down her naked form. She was shaved bare, and I could see that her pussy lips were protruding from her slit. She took a step across the tub and settled in next to me on the bench. *quot;Much better,*quot; she said, scooting close to me.

Sitting between my handsome husband and a beautiful woman, naked in a hot tub, was not something I had anticipated, but the feeling was certainly pleasant, coupled with the wine and the weed. Julie chuckled, said, *quot;Screw saving for later,*quot; and lit the joint again. This time she said, *quot;Shotgun,*quot; before putting the burning end in her mouth. She leaned over close to me and blew a stream of smoke toward my lips. Catching on quickly, I began to inhale, enjoying this new delivery system.

*quot;Don't want Keith to feel deprived,*quot; Julie said, standing up and bending down to do the same for my husband. As she was blowing smoke into Keith's mouth, I got a good look at her ass up close. Her body was incredible, toned and firm, with just the right amount of padding in just the right spots.

Julie returned to her place beside me, rubbing her thigh against mine. *quot;Thanks for the shotgun,*quot; I said. *quot;I've never had one of those before.*quot;

*quot;You have to be careful, so you don't burn yourself,*quot; she said. *quot;But I like it. It usually provides a nice prelude.*quot;

Prelude? I wondered for a moment what she meant by that, and then it became apparent, as she leaned over and kissed me. It was a gentle kiss, but slow and sensuous, full on the lips. She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. Then she kissed me again, this time parting my lips with her tongue. I had never kissed a woman before, but it was wonderful. Not like a man, softer, slower, more gentle. Our tongues danced together for a moment before we ended the kiss, easing back against the wall of the tub.

We sat quietly for a moment, but then Julie knelt in front of me, bringing her lips to my breast and taking my nipple in her mouth. She sucked on it firmly, swirling her trabzon escort tongue in circles, sometimes letting me feel a hint of teeth. I gasped as her hand moved between my legs, slowly rubbing my clit.

My eyes were closed, my head thrown back, as Julie continued to pleasure me. I felt her body moving to straddle one of my legs. She leaned forward to press her breasts against me, kissing my lips, gently at first, soon thrusting her tongue forcefully into my mouth. Julie was moving back and forth on my thigh, and I could tell she was nearing orgasm. Her fingers rubbed my clit furiously, and we both came suddenly, trying not to cry out, then hugging each other as we caught our breath.

I looked over at Keith, who appeared to be mesmerized. *quot;Poor baby,*quot; I said, grinning. *quot;Do you feel left out?*quot;

*quot;Oh, I'm having a good time,*quot; Keith said. *quot;That was quite a show.*quot;

Julie laughed and said, *quot;Now it's time for you to come out of the audience and join the performance.*quot; She looked over at me. *quot;Is that OK?*quot;

*quot;It seems only fair,*quot; I answered, pretending to think about it. *quot;He has been quite patient while we had our fun. Come on, Baby, up on the side of the tub. I don't want to drown.*quot; For just an instant, I questioned what I was doing. This was totally wild, completely out of my realm of experience. But I didn't want to stop, and didn't know if I could.

Keith jumped up on the towel, and we saw that his cock was hard and twitching. I wrapped my lips around the head and began to suck gently, letting some saliva slide out of my mouth, so I could stroke his shaft. Bit by bit, I worked more of his cock into my mouth, until I had swallowed it all, my lips brushing against his pubic bone.

An idea occurred to me, and I slid my mouth off of Keith's cock. He opened his eyes and looked up at me, but I raised a finger, signaling him *quot;wait a minute.*quot; I began sucking on my middle finger, treating it like a small cock for Keith's amusement and arousal. I motioned for him to lie on his back. When my finger was thoroughly coated with saliva, I withdrew it and pressed it into his ass. He moaned with pleasure as my finger slid all the way in.

Julie made an approving sound, and I looked over to see her sitting on the side of the tub now on the other side of Keith, rubbing her pussy as she watched me finger my husband. I leaned over and resumed the blow job, excited by the fact that Julie was watching us, and that she was obviously excited. I pumped my finger into Keith's ass as I took the length of his cock into my mouth again and again. Then I felt Julie's hand on my shoulder.

*quot;Mind if I get in on this? It looks like fun.*quot; Keith's eyes shot open, awaiting my reaction. *quot;Sure,*quot; I said. *quot;Be my guest.*quot; I was having my fun, why shouldn't Keith have his?

Julie slid down beside me and began to caress Keith's balls as I stroked his shaft. Julie raised her eyebrows as she began to suck on one of her fingers. She withdrew it slowly and sensuously, and pressed it against Keith's ass, next to my finger, rubbing gently. After a moment, she put a hand on Keith's shoulder and pushed her finger deep into his ass.

When I had fingered Keith in the past, I had only used one finger, generally inserting it about halfway, just enough to provide a bit of extra stimulation in addition to sucking his cock. But now he had two fingers pumping deep into his ass, from two different women. I looked over at Julie and grinned, nodding toward Keith's cock.

Julie lowered her head, and Keith groaned as Julie took him into her mouth. She was obviously talented, and Keith was thoroughly enjoying her skills. Her curly red hair hung down, framing an incredibly erotic sight - another woman sucking my husband's cock. Keith's was breathing heavily, as we thrust our fingers harder, faster into his asshole. I was transfixed, and I soon realized that I was stroking my clit, excited both by Keith's pleasure and by the sight of this beautiful redhead naked in the tub next to me. Her breasts swayed as her head bobbed up and down, taking Keith all the way into her throat. She seemed on the verge of gagging, but she kept at it, the wet, urgent sounds of her ministrations filling the night air.

I was amazed at Keith's self-control, but no man could last long under the circumstances, and he began to breathe hard, moving his head slowly from side to side. He began to buck his hips, driving his cock into Julie's mouth. Keith's moaning grew louder, mixing with animalistic, guttural sounds as he lost all control, gasping as he ejaculated.

Julie took his load into her mouth and then stood to face me. She reached out, took my face delicately in her hands, and kissed me deeply, allowing Keith's cum to slide into my mouth. Our tongues swirled in circles, lubricated by his semen.

Julie broke the kiss and sank back into the water, a huge grin spread across her face. *quot;How are you doing there, Keith?*quot; she asked. *quot;Not too bad,*quot; he managed to croak. *quot;How about you, Marianne?*quot; sivas escort I took a deep breath and said, *quot;At the moment, I am great.*quot;

*quot;How would you like it to be even better?*quot; Julie asked. *quot;I have some things in my room that I would like to show you, if you are interested.*quot;


A few minutes later, we were in Julie's room. *quot;Let's get cleaned up,*quot; she said, heading for the bathroom.

The shower was modern, with cream colored tile on the walls, black tile on the floor, and plexiglass panels on either side of the door. It was reasonably large, but when we all stepped in, our bodies were pressed close together. Julie had already started the water, and it was the perfect temperature as we took turns standing under the falling stream. Julie reached for a bottle of body wash, poured a generous amount in her palm and faced me, rubbing the slick liquid over my breasts.

Her hands began to roam over my body, stroking my ass, a finger sliding between my cheeks and teasing my asshole. She kissed me, and we moved out bodies against one another, the lubrication from the body wash allowing us to glide back and forth. With her hand on my ass, Julie, pulled me closer, grinding her pussy against mine. I responded, pushing back against her and reaching around to put my hands on her ass, pulling her tight. I could feel her hard nipples rubbing against mine as we kissed.

I felt Keith move behind me, pressing his stiff cock between my cheeks, moving it slowly up and down, teasing my asshole with the head. It was exquisite, feeling him on one side of me and Julie on the other. Our bodies moved sensuously together, sliding and grinding. Keith reached around me and began to run his hands over Julie's body, sliding from her back down to her ass.

*quot;Alright,*quot; Julie said, *quot;let's rinse off and take this to the bedroom.*quot;

After toweling off, Julie took a seat in a chair facing the bed. *quot;OK, you two, let's go. I want to watch,*quot; she said with a mischievous grin.

Keith and I stretched out on the bed, and I leaned down to take his cock in my mouth. After a few moments of slow sucking and slurping, I pushed him onto his back and straddled his hips, grasping his cock in my hand and guiding it into my pussy. I moaned as I lowered my body to his, feeling him fill me. We locked eyes, and I began to ride his cock, raising up to the point where he was about to slip out, then slamming down hard. I wanted it rough and primal.

I saw Keith glance to the left and hold his gaze, with a slight smile on his lips and his eyebrows raised. I turned to look and saw Julie, her legs thrown over the arms of the chair, her pussy spread wide. One hand was busy on her clit, the other pinching her nipples and caressing her breasts. The fact that she was watching us was incredibly arousing. But knowing that our performance was exciting her, and seeing her pleasure herself, it inspired me to switch things up.

Now emboldened, I rolled off Keith and assumed a position on my hands and knees, facing Julie. *quot;I want to watch you while you watch us,*quot; I said.

Keith slid in behind me, filling my pussy, and I closed my eyes, savoring the sensation of my husband sliding in and out of my body. After a moment, I opened my eyes to look at Julie again, and I saw that she was also intent on taking this to another level. She had pulled a large purple vibe from a bag on the floor and was running it up and down between her swollen pussy lips. Soon, she began to press the dildo inside her, moving slowly, just a bit at a time.

I felt Keith's hands on my shoulders, as he began to thrust more forcefully, no doubt inspired by the sight of Julie pleasuring herself with the vibe. She turned it on, and I could hear a low buzz as she began to fuck her cunt in earnest. Her head was thrown back, her legs spread wide, as we watched the purple vibe slide in and out of her bare pussy.

Suddenly, Julie stopped and, winking at us, reached into her bag, pulling out a bottle of lube. She stood up and walked over, lying down at the foot of the bed, facing the headboard. Keith and I shifted our position, moving back and facing Julie. She clicked open the lube and began to coat the vibe. Pulling her legs back toward her chest, she gave us a glorious view of her pussy and ass as she began to tease her clit with her toy. Her eyes were closed, her red hair spread out across the sheets.

Keith maintained a steady rhythm, his cock all the way inside me, moving his hips in a circular motion. I knew he was trying to slow things down, not wanting to come before Julie's show was over.

Julie squeezed a dollop of lube onto a finger and began to trace circles over her asshole. Soon enough, she slid the finger in, spreading the lube inside her rectum. She grasped the dildo with both hands and pressed it into her ass, taking it all at once, making her groan as the toy stretched her open.

She paused for a moment, allowing her body to accommodate the toy. It was long and wide, and it must have tested her limits, though it was obviously not the first time she had done this. A few seconds passed, and Julie began to work the vibe in and out of her ass. She became more verbal, moaning and hissing as she increased the speed of her thrusts.
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