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Standart A Visit Ch. 01

The plans had been finalized about two months ago and we were all looking forward to a nice visit. Since we'd never actually met before. Having been flickr friends for years and exchanging emails on a regular basis we started calling overseas to each other.

John had appreciated the new friend who shared his interest in photography. We'd both learned so much from each other. When the opportunity to visit the two of you in your native country came up all three of us jumped at the chance.

John seemed so excited the he was finally meeting someone that shared an interest and a lust for his wife. He was making site seeing plans and even setup a couple of modeling sessions just so we could teach each other some new things.

Finally the big day came and I arrived. I was tired, well actually exhausted would be more like it. Both of you were waiting at the airport to pick me up and take me to my hotel.

Customs was hellish only because of my camera equipment. I suppose the custom agents where just doing their jobs. Nonetheless, it was pretty much the last nerve I'd have left.

The flight with all of its complications, the length of time in airports and now this, hadn't circumstances conspired enough against me?

Finally having passed customs we met for the very first time. John gave me a good strong handshake and took some of my luggage. You gave me a warm hug and welcomed me to your part of the world. Both of you seemed so eager to see me that I couldn't help feeling better despite my exhaustion.

We headed towards your auto while we chatted about small things. None of you asked about the flight. You already new we had averted disaster and now was not the time to haunt my memories. Gratefully we loaded everything into the trunk of your car and jumped in.

We drove in silence for a few kilometers when you finally asked me if I was OK after what happened. I simply shrugged my shoulders and laid my head back closing my eyes.

You understood my solitude had nothing to do with you and watched me drift off to sleep.

*quot;Honey, I'm worried about him. He looks so... rung out.*quot; John checked the rear view mirror and assured you that I would be OK -- eventually. You watched me for a while as John slowed his driving down a bit. He also was worried and didn't want me to be disturbed on the drive to the hotel. He even took some side roads that would make the trip take longer so I could get some sleep and perhaps shake off the experience of the flight...

You held John's hand and told him how you loved him. His sensitivity to my situation brought out your deep feelings for him. You've always loved his sensitive side and his ability to see and understand what others were going through.

The country drive was beautiful; the sun shone and warmed my face. The slight rocking of the vehicle and your quite conversation with John was drawing me back to reality.

*quot;This is such a beautiful day. Thank you for being so sensitive to Kevin.*quot; John steals a glance at you and quietly adds that the flight must have been a horror to live through.

You look back to make sure I'm still sleeping and satisfied you agree with him. *quot;I can't imagine what it would have been like*quot;

My memories are starting to fill with the recollection of what happened. I'm sure the media will find out all the details but for now the horror is being replaced with the reality of what happened.

To say that we were frightened would have been a gross understatement. A lone terrorist yelling he had a bomb and manisa escort would blow the plain out of the sky tends to make anyone scarred -- fast.

But that's all the public new about at this point. They didn't know about the demands and head games he played with the passengers. I feel so guilty I try to shove it out my thoughts but I can't help thinking about it again.

After getting control of the crew and making sure everyone understood that we were his hostages he started his *quot;torment*quot;. First he ordered all the flight attendants to strip. They complied. Despite the horror and fear a quick look around and you see a few faces lighting up with pleasure. Canadian Airlines doesn't tend to hire ugly stewardesses and they were all hotties on this flight.

Once they were naked he ordered them to get everyone's clothes from them. The faces went blank pretty damn quick. Some gathered the courage to protest; some because they were embarrassed others had genuine concerns like the children that were present.

His solution was to have all the children moved to the back of the plane with a couple of *quot;fatties*quot; as he called them to remain with them. He warned them about the remote detonator and that even though they couldn't see him he could still blow the hell out of everyone.

He was satisfied that they were under control in the back and so he returned his attention to the remaining passengers. Once again he demanded that everyone strip and that the very beautiful and very naked stewardesses take our clothes from us.

One of the first passengers turned out to be a sky marshal. That was just great. Who the hell thought of putting armed people on a flight that they were trying to keep weapons off of?

As he watched over the stewardesses he took anything of interest that he wanted. Especially when it was a gun. Now fully armed, fully dressed and having humiliated everyone by having them undress he started his head games.

Taking the sky marshal he threatened to kill him if someone didn't come up and give him (the marshal) a blowjob.

One of the stewardesses quickly came forward and *quot;volunteered*quot;.

Kneeling before the marshal she took his limp cock in her mouth and started sucking on it. The poor man was so ashamed; he didn't know what to do. He looked up, down, from side to side and just couldn't figure out where he should be looking.

It's not every day after all that you have a gun pointed at your head and a gorgeous red head sucking on your cock. He couldn't think very clearly anymore, the fear of dieing, the horror of being on display like this, the guilt of starting to enjoy it... it was too much and he couldn't control it anymore.

His cock started to rise...

John hit a small pothole in the road and you looked back to check on me. Squeezing hubby's hand you assure him that I'm still asleep. You notice me starting to stir and let your gaze lounge on me for a bit longer.

Your brows begin to get creased as you notice my crotch. You blink a little and think that perhaps you're witnessing the beginning of a wet dream.

Squeezing John's hand even harder you quietly tell him that I'm getting a hard-on in the back of the car.

John tries to see through the rear view mirror but can't see anything other then my face. Which to him doesn't look like I'm enjoying anything and he says so to you. You start to protest but decide that perhaps it's just the motions of the vehicle, the tiny vibrations that we become accustomed to and try not kütahya escort to stare at me.

John clears his throat and you're brought back to attending to him. *quot;Sorry babe, I don't know what got into me.*quot; You say as you slip your hand from his and put it onto his leg. You know John loves it when you tease him like this. You also know that he'd like it if you made him hard. You've just never done it with anyone else in the car. Reaching over and rubbing his cock you find that he's already hard. Smiling to yourself you let him enjoy a good rub...

The redhead was starting to enjoy the little performance she was being *quot;forced*quot; into. The marshal murmured a few moans so the terrorist started yelling at her and kicked her away from him.

There the poor guy stood. Buck naked with a raging hard-on and about 120 people staring wide eyed at him. Some with looks of horror. Some with looks of desire. Some with looks of admiration. Most with looks of fear, pure unadulterated fear.

His hard-on started going flaccid and the terrorist started yelling at the poor redhead.

*quot;You slut, you're not supposed to enjoy this. You are a slut and deserve to be punished.*quot;

He kicks her again and sends her flying, screaming in horror she lands at my feet.

I can't help myself, I reach for her to protect her. Apparently that was a mistake...

Rubbing John with the sun shining down through the windshield you start getting hot and bothered yourself. *quot;Would you like some relief honey?*quot; You ask him.

He smiles and whispers back incredulously *quot;What now? With Kevin in the back? What if he wakes up?*quot;

You take that as a yes and unzip his pants and pull out his member. You've been proud of his cock for a long time. It was just the right size for you. Saying nothing to John you lean over to give him a blowjob. But you steal a quick glance back at me to make sure I'm still out cold. You notice now that I'm fully erect in my jeans...

*quot;What the hell is the matter with you?*quot; screams the bastard as he points the gun directly at me. *quot;I'm talking to you. Who do you think you are huh?*quot; Now at my side, gun directly on my head I freeze and can't think about anything at all except that I don't want to die.

*quot;You think you're a hero? A smart guy eh? Answer me*quot;

*quot;I... I just...*quot;

*quot;You just what? You dumb fuck, what?*quot;

*quot;I was raised never to hit a woman. I just couldn't help it... I'm sorry. I don't mean to...*quot; Now I know I talk too much but now... I just did it again!

*quot;Mean to what? What did you mean to do asshole*quot; he yells into my ear as he pushes the gun so hard against me that my head is now bent over.

Fear. Just pure fear strikes me. I start crying. Tears flow, slowly at first then more liberally. Great I think just something else to give him amo to humiliate me with.

*quot;So you're sorry aren't you? You crying baby. Eh?*quot; *quot;Yes*quot; I sputter out. Trying to regain some dignity in this nasty situation.

*quot;Do you want to die today dumb fuck?*quot;

*quot;No, please I don't want to die.*quot;

*quot;You need to be punished. She needs to be punished*quot;

Turning from me he starts yelling at everyone again. I don't recall what he said just threats of doom and gloom if we didn't do what we were told to do. Back to me, he quietly speaks in full control of his emotions he tells me to pick up the redhead and put her over my knees.

That old sinking feeling strikes me. Not only have I fantasized about spanking women, I've been raised never to hit them. Perhaps that is malatya escort why I fantasized about it. Imagine the horror of this situation, You're being forced to do something that to you is fundamentally wrong and that you find to be a real turn on. The entire time you're being watched by over a hundred people while a mad man is threatening to kill anyone that doesn't do exactly what their told do and he just finished shit kicking a woman because she's enjoying what she was told to do.

He grabs her by the hair and really roughly drags her to me. She's screaming again in fear and in pain. He throws her at me (She'd crawled away while his attention was on me). Catching her in my arms she is now on my lap staring into my eyes. Silently pleading with me to save her. Save her from the humiliation, the horror, and the punishment that he is about to force me to do to her.

Her eyes get a little large as she realizes that she's sitting me and my cock is starting to get hard under her...

With John's cock in your hand you're feeling in control as a little precum starts to ooze out of his dick onto your hand. You quicken your pace just a touch so he can receive the benefits of sexual love while driving down this old farm road.

John hadn't realized he'd taken a bumpy road; he was to turned on by his gorgeous wife's ministrations on his cock. The thrill of being whacked off with a *quot;stranger*quot; right behind him sleeping away was too much to not be turn on. Your beautiful read hair flowed over your shoulders and arms as you lean over and take him into your mouth.

John sucks in a breath and whispers *quot;Yesssss*quot; as he relaxes even more into the session. Forcing his pants further down, John pushes himself up to assist you. You start playing with his balls instead of blowing him. Teasing John is a great past time of yours. You love it. He loves it. Now you're doing it and he's erect. Rock solid erect. His juices are flowing little by little out of his fully exposed cock. He's no longer paying careful attention to driving home and is now slowly driving over the bumpy road. Oblivious to the girl's riding their bikes on the side of the road he slowly creeps by them.

As he passes they turn to look and see your hand on his balls and they start riding faster to keep up. It seems they enjoy the site as much as John is enjoying the feeling. You're thrilled and look back at me to make sure I'm still out. You can see my hard-on clearly through my jeans now and you can hear my breathing has altered. It's faster now, raspy. You know what you're seeing is some kind of erotic happening. It just turns you on more.

Leaning over to John you tell him what you're seeing in the back. Describing details as your holding his balls. Stroking his cock and watching the girls struggling to keep up to the show. You start telling him how turned on you are. How you're wet and horny.

Reaching down to your crotch you start rubbing yourself instead of John. He gasp's as you take your hand away and you moan as you hit the magic spot.

Another pothole, the girls now yelling to wait up, you moaning and John whispering to you. I'm finally waking now and realizing I'm hard as a rock. I listen intently to try and figure out what's going on. It's seems like an eternity has passed but the memory starts flooding back. The flight. The sounds. The two are mixing together.

I think I'm loosing my mind for a moment.

But I start clearing my head and start stirring. *quot;Sorry*quot; I say. As I sit up and look around. Taking in the girls I ask what's happening. John is suddenly sitting upright and looking very tense. You quickly re-arrange yourself and watch your husbands distressing situation with some amusement. As you consider your answer you can't help but wonder. *quot;What should I do?*quot;
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