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Standart Daughter of the Revolution Ch. 07

Daughter of the Revolution
Chapter VII
Fall was rapidly approaching and the garden was nearly ready for harvest and soon they'd need a cool place to store some of their vegetables. One option was to dig a root cellar, but Abby didn't like the idea. She decided they'd take their harvest to one of their cache caves, specifically one that was small but deep which kept the temperature quite cool even in the summer.
Also, Alec needed to explore the area a bit and discover the locations of their many caches. They were running shy of other staples at the cabin so Abby mentioned making a supply run to the others.
*quot;We hit the redcoats pretty hard the other day, maybe we should let things cool off a bit out there. How about we take a few days and go check on all our caches and load up on staples while we're at it.*quot;
The other three were happy to go, especially the girls. They'd been stuck almost exclusively at the cabin for months, other than their few short days the week before.
*quot;What'll we do with the cows?*quot; June asked shrewdly.
*quot;I've had to keep her calf away from her because he'll still nurse her. I think she'll be fine for a few days,*quot; Alec volunteered. *quot;I'll throw up a small corral while you ladies harvest. Does that sound ok?*quot;
They agreed with him, and the next day the companions rolled up their sleeves and got busy. Carrots, turnips, onions, squash and potatoes were dug up and placed in burlap sacks while Alec labored building an enclosure for the cattle. It took a few days until they were ready, then they packed up and set off. They had to make two trips to their cave which now became a root cellar. It wasn't far from the cabin and they easily got it transferred in a day. It was surprising how prolific their harvest had been and they were quite pleased.
Now they carried out the second part of Abby's plan of making a circular route to inspect their other caches. Abby broke out the map her father had drawn for her and showed it to the companions. Rose and June were quite excited to leave and Alec enjoyed watching them as they bustled about, chattering happily.
The afternoon before they departed, Abby pulled Alec aside.
*quot;Do you have any chores that might take a couple hours to do? We ladies need a bit of privacy.*quot;
He knew then they were cooking up a surprise and he was happy to oblige.
*quot;You bet, Angel. There's always lots to do around here. Just holler when you want me.*quot;
*quot;Oh, I always want you, big man,*quot; she giggled, and pulled him down to taste his lips.
He decided to buck up some firewood. Winter was coming and one could never have too much. Taking his horse, he went in the forest and found a good sized dead pine tree, then chopped it down and dragged it back to the cabin.
He had it nearly sawn into fireplace sized chunks when Abby beckoned him in. The aroma of a wonderful dinner met his nostrils and three gorgeous women welcomed him inside. They had all groomed themselves and wore dresses from Abby's clothing stash. He was flabbergasted at their beauty. They were always good looking but tonight they seemed to have a glow about them. Their bodices were laced tightly and the swell of their breasts above them were tempting to the eyes.
He was ordered to stand in a small washtub and three pairs of eager hands cleansed him of the sweat from his labors. Abby loved soaping his lightly furred chest and drew whorls in his hair, giggling as she traced her initials over his heart. They dressed him in a white shirt and a pair of trousers they'd modified for him, making sure to leave plenty of buttons undone so they could see hints of his thick pectorals for their eager eyes to enjoy.
June's precise eye had ensured that his trousers fit nearly skintight, and she took great pleasure tucking his cock in to lay down his thigh with an almost obscene bulge.
Abby produced a bottle of nice wine she'd been hoarding and together they enjoyed a delicious dinner. Dressing up and dining formally gave them a sense of normality in their topsy turvy world, and they felt a bit of healing come to their shattered lives.
After dinner, Abby packed a pipe for Alec and they all enjoyed each other's company as they chatted about their plans for the following day.
Rose volunteered to entertain them and retrieved a book of Aesop's fables. She ushered her three companions into bed and while they reclined on pillows, read them a fable. By the time she was finished, they'd snuggled together and fallen asleep. She smiled to herself with satisfaction, then turned down the lamp and cuddled up next to June to join her friends in peaceful slumber.
Abby awoke to Alec's strong arms sliding under her body. Instinctively, she clung to him and he carried her outside in the cool dawn while wrapping her in a warm blanket. He sat down on the porch swing and cradled her on his lap, then offered her a cup of steaming coffee. After a few grateful sips she buried her face in his neck and inhaled his man smell. She snuggled in and hummed in pleasure as she stole escort izmir his warmth.
*quot;I love you, my little Angel,*quot; he whispered in her ear.
*quot;I love you too, Heavy,*quot; she giggled, in reference to the name she'd chosen for him on the day of his rescue when she'd struggled mightily to roll him onto a plank and lash his unconscious body to it.
She worked his shirt open then slid her blanket aside to press her bare breasts to his chest. She sighed in pleasure and rubbed her nipples gently over him, enjoying how his light fur tickled her while giving her goosebumps that spread across her chest and fled down her arms. She shivered and hugged him tightly.
*quot;I could stay here all day. I don't wanna get up and leave our cabin. I'd rather be here alone with you,*quot; she pouted, and pulled a long face.
*quot;I agree, but we must carry on. We need supplies and I need to learn the lay of the land around here. God forbid something ever happen to you, I'd be lost, literally,*quot; he said, and hugged her closely.
*quot;Don't worry about me, I'm bulletproof!*quot; she teased.
*quot;That reminds me, I've been wanting to ask if you'd consider giving me some lessons in sword fighting. It's quite obvious I could use some serious training and you seem like the perfect teacher. Would you do that for me, lover?*quot;
She looked at him, surprised that a soldier would ask her, a petite little female civilian for lessons in combat. He noticed her look and smiled a little shyly.
*quot;I try not to be a proud man and I could certainly use the help. You made that British officer look like an amateur and I'm highly impressed with your skills, in case I haven't told you lately,*quot; he said a bit self consciously.
She was taken aback but felt a glow of pride in herself, glad that all her training with her father had paid off in spades.
*quot;Of course I will, sweetheart,*quot; she said happily, and kissed him on the cheek.
After breakfast, they lashed their panniers to Abby's horse, then saddled up. Abby rode behind Alec and the group set off with Abby directing their route.
They rode for a couple hours until they reached the first cache. George and Abby had stored a variety of items in small quantities at each location, not chancing a massive loss of a single item such as flour or corn meal by less than desirable people or animals. Abby had decided to check on all the caches first, then load up what they needed and take the supplies back to the cabin.
All was well at their first stop and as they were hungry, they broke for lunch.
While everyone was eating, Abby stole into the small cave and checked for a message from her father. They'd developed a way to communicate if they ever became separated. In each cache they'd identified a flat rock and marked one side. If either one left a message under the rock, hopefully the other would find it in the future. She checked under it, digging down in the dirt for a letter or some sort of sign but there was nothing. She was crestfallen but not unnerved. She hoped beyond hope that George was alive, but she knew in reality that the chances were slim. The chances of him being alive after the way he and Abby had laid waste to the redcoats were probably nonexistent.
When she returned to the group, Alec immediately knew her mood had shifted but didn't say anything at the moment. He suspected something had transpired in the cave and chose to ask her about it later.
Abby took out her maps and showed the companions where they were and where they were going next. Alec paid rapt attention as the knowledge could come in valuable in the future. So much in fact that when they departed, he insisted on carrying the map and tried to do the navigation himself.
Abby was highly impressed because he seemed to have a natural instinct for finding his way and knowing what direction on the compass he was heading. She gently corrected him a few times but she knew he would have found their next cache without her help. It simply would have taken him awhile longer to locate it.
When they'd almost arrived, the group jumped a yearling whitetail buck and Rose promptly put a bullet behind his shoulder, surprising herself almost more than the buck.
*quot;I got him!*quot; she laughed happily and her friends slapped her back in congratulations.
*quot;Fantastic shooting!*quot; Alec marveled, more than impressed with her marksmanship. These girls were constantly surprising him with their survival skills, he thought to himself. He took it on himself to dress it out and tied it to the pack horse in no time at all, then they continued to the cache.
When they arrived, Abby again checked her message rock, to no avail. She sat in the dirt and allowed a few tears to run down her dusty cheeks. She missed her father terribly and seeing all the supplies rekindled her memories of the fun she and her father had shared as they filled their caches. Alec crawled under the shallow ceiling to find her crying and rapidly guessed the cause. He cradled her and crooned words of love until her eyes dried.
*quot;Thank you, lover,*quot; she sniffled. *quot;I just izmir escort bayan miss my Papa terribly.*quot;
He didn't trust his voice to respond. As far as he knew he still had both parents and couldn't imagine the pain she was feeling. Eventually, she kissed him and slipped out of the cave while he followed on hands and knees. Rose and June were outside and were unpacking for the nights stay, so Alec and Abby started dinner. They made a simple stew of vegetables and fresh venison, thanks to Rose's sharp eye and trigger finger.
With a sly grin, June slipped out a bottle of whiskey and they all had a few snorts after dinner. Under the guise of relieving themselves, the girls slipped into the forest.
*quot;How're you girls doing? Should we have some fun with Alec this evening?*quot; Abby asked.
It'd been a couple days of abstinence for them all and she was needing some love. She really wanted him alone but she'd seen how the girls had been eyeballing Alec throughout the day and she herself was worked up from riding behind him and holding his muscular body between her thighs and arms. Maybe an evening of wild sex would improve her mood, she thought rather naughtily.
*quot;I'm game!*quot; Rose said instantly, surprising no one.
*quot;Me too, as long as you don't mind, Abby. The way he straddles that stallion makes me wish I was a mare,*quot; June giggled. *quot;You first though, Abby. I think you need him more than us, besides, we can amuse ourselves for awhile,*quot; she continued, and leaned in to kiss Rose tenderly.
The girls returned to the fire to find Alec just finishing up from cleaning the stew pot and putting water on to warm. He clipped several boughs off a nearby pine tree with his hatchet to make a soft bed for them, and the girls lined it with blankets. Rose and June stripped and began wiping each other down from the day's labors while Abby teasingly opened Alec's shirt and ran her fingers through the hair on his chest, lightly raking her nails across his nipples until he shivered with goosebumps.
She squeezed the wet rag between his thick pecs and giggled when warm water ran down between his rigid abdominals to soak the front of his trousers. Her hands followed the crispy trail of hair that led past his belly button to his belt line.
Her nimble fingers worked his buttons free, then slowly peeled the waist band lower until his thickening cock popped free to sway in front of her eager eyes.
She knelt and took him in her hand while dipping her rag to wet it again, then began cleaning him. He groaned when he felt her warm fingers caressing his balls and shaft until he was stiff and throbbing in her grip.
She waited impatiently until the first drop of pre-cum showed from his cock head then swooped in to lap it up with her little pink tongue.
*quot;Mmmmm, you taste wonderful,*quot; she purred.
He moaned when she opened wide to work her lips over his swollen head and bathe him in warm wetness. Her hands cradled his balls and gently caressed them as she sucked him. Rose and June slid in close and laid down beside them to watch her service Alec. Abby took her time with him and enjoyed exploring his thighs and taut ass with questing fingers while she kept him firmly ensconced in her mouth.
Soon, she could tell he was fighting off orgasm by his tortured groans and the way his hands held her head in his trembling fingers as he fought the urge to recklessly drive himself down her throat and drown her in hot cum.
With a growl he pulled her off him and knelt in front of her, then neatly flipped her on her back while she giggled in pleased surprise. In an instant he was between her thighs and gazing at her smooth pussy like a cat eyeing fresh cream. He teasingly blew on her wet lips before slowly licking her open while her beautiful eyes watched him worship her. He loved her sigh of pleasure and the way her small hands crept down to lace fingers through his long hair.
Her hips rose and fell to meet his greedy mouth and he deepened the thrusts of his tongue inside her, licking as far up her as he could, then retreating to gently caress her clit before repeating his journey.
For long minutes he patiently made love to her until her cries grew higher and the pace of her breathing quickened. When he concentrated more on her swollen clit, she cupped his head in her hands and ground herself into his mouth.
*quot;There! Yes, right there!*quot; she gasped, while thrashing her hips against him in pleasure. He slid his hand up and slowly speared a big finger deep inside her and she wailed his name while exploding into orgasm. He continued the same measured pace with his tongue and thrust his finger in her repeatedly while she came hard. She soaked him in she cum and he gulped her juices down eagerly.
For nearly a minute she bucked and twitched on his face until she finally pushed him away in protest, too sensitive to continue. He slid up over her, dragging his rugged chest across her sensitive nipples, then kissed her deeply, feeding her a taste of herself. He sucked her tongue until she whimpered in pleasure and hugged him tightly izmir escortlar to her body. He tried to hold his weight off of her but she wouldn't have it. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist and she squeezed him until he groaned.
*quot;I love you, my sweet,*quot; she whispered in his ear.
She felt him smile in her neck and she did the same, then laughed in pure joy.
Her hands slid down and worked between their bodies to find him long, hard and dripping with pre-cum.
*quot;Mmm, someone needs some attention,*quot; she murmured. *quot;Roll us over, big man.*quot;
She straightened her legs while he effortlessly flipped them over and she ended up straddling his thighs. Rose and June were still raptly watching, stroking and caressing each other, keeping their nubile bodies at a low simmer while waiting on the other couple.
Abby caught him in her hand and rose to a crouch, then notched his dripping head in her tight opening. He reached up and caught her breasts in his large hands, teasing her nipples until they were hard and aching with want. He felt her lower her weight on him and he gasped when his thick head slid inside, splitting her almost painfully wide and she cried out between clenched teeth at the stretch of him.
She propped herself up using her hands on his chest and her nails involuntarily dug into his thick pecs, tugging at his chest hair until he grimaced in pain. She threw her head back and concentrated on feeling every vein and tendon in his cock as she took him as deep as she could. When he hit bottom, she froze in place and her brilliant blue eyes flew open to look into his own grey ones. She stared into his soul and began to work him deeper inside her tight passage.
The day before she'd asked Rose how she managed to take his full length and Rose had explained that she needed to experiment with him, work him deep and roll her hips until she found a spot where she could feel him slide in just a bit further, then urge him to strike deep and take her fully.
She bounced on him lightly, gradually taking a little more of him until she felt something within her give slightly. He was almost killing her, yet she persisted in her quest to take her man completely.
*quot;When I tell you to, bury yourself in me, sweetheart, then fuck me until you're satisfied, please,*quot; she said in a voice rough with passion.
She hadn't stopped staring in his eyes and he saw the raw emotion in hers, begging him to have his way with her. She laid herself on his broad chest and kissed him deeply while he settled his hands on her hips and gripped her tightly.
She nodded into his shoulder in assent, ready for him to plunder her. He loaded his hips and she felt him tense beneath her, then he slowly pushed inside her like an unstoppable force, straightening her tight tunnel, then stretching it beyond it's limits while she cried out in painful pleasure.
She sank her teeth in his shoulder and hot tears fell on his neck as he ruthlessly broke her open, splitting her asunder with his mighty, swollen cock.
He didn't slow his fuck until his cock felt like it was caught in a vise and her voice rose to a high keening that rang through the night. Rose's hand on his shoulder, taming him and he froze in place.
*quot;Give her a minute, big fella. You're killing the poor girl!*quot; she exclaimed with a giggle.
Abby's breath was coming in shallow pants and she shuddered on him until he began to worry. He started to retreat but she tightened her arms and legs instantly.
*quot;No, stay there, please!*quot; she begged.
Slowly, she adjusted to him, then began tentatively rolling her hips, working him inside her and stretching herself open.
*quot;Damn it, lover. You pack some serious cock,*quot; she breathed, and nipped his neck playfully. *quot;I may not survive this.*quot;
While she worked herself on him, her swollen clit discovered a rigid abdominal muscle and she found she could rub herself on it while sliding his length in and out of her tightness. The pleasure she found trumped the pain and she steadily increased the pace and pressure of her movements until she had him thrusting up into her as he reached for orgasm. After several minutes she couldn't take it anymore and came hard on his throbbing cock. The contractions of her tight pussy drove him over the edge and he drove his hips high a final time. With a guttural groan he unloaded inside her, painting her walls with white hot cum.
She felt him pulsating and jerking within her and she came again, grinding her clit on his abs, soaking his belly with her hot juice while she cried out in ecstasy.
As his orgasm ebbed he continued giving her short, smooth thrusts until she collapsed on him, sobbing for breath.
*quot;Oh my goodness, lover. I never knew it could be like that. I think you've nearly killed me and I loved every second,*quot; she whispered softly in his ear.
She kissed him deeply, feeding him her tongue while he slowly softened inside her. She mewed in protest and tried to slide down on him to keep him inside her, but he slid out of her tightness along with a rush of cum that pooled on his hard belly. She sat up and reached between her thighs to find his soaked cock. She stroked him several times then gently milked his shaft, murmuring in awe as cum poured from his head to run down over her fingers.
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