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Standart One Day at the Bath House

One Day at the Bath HouseThis is essentially a true story of a very nice day I had at the men?s bathhouse not so long ago. Now I don?t normally go there because I tend to be a bit shy and don?t go after the guys like I should. Not that I would bother anyone that?s does not want my attention, but if you sit back and only let guys come to you, you can let lot of good opportunities go by.Basically I am a bi-sexual cock sucking cum eating slut!! I cant get enough cock and especially cum. I love cum!! Everything about it?the taste, texture, smell, and it?s a ?gift? to me from the man that has just enjoyed my services? least that is how I think about it?and when I get a man off I always thank him for his ?gift?, and I always swallow his ?gift?. I am there as a cock sucking cum eating slut to be used by a man to do as pleases and it gratifies and satisfies me to do that for a man. And I show this by making so much pre-cum when I suck on a nice firm cock, that it sometimes looks like I shot a load of cum not just my dripping pre-cum. I sometimes ware a pair of woman?s panties that show?s off the big wet spot that forms, and some guys like to see that there cocksucker is truly enjoying the encounter too. Well this time when I went there I was so horny because I had not had any cock for about 3 months, so I tended to be a bit more aggressive. Because of things, I could not stay till dark, so I went at mid-afternoon on a Friday and stayed till an hour or so before dark, hoping to get a least one load. There did not seem to be many guys there so I could not be picky, but things turned out way better then I expected. As I was taking my clothing off at my locker, this old guy stopped and was watching me undress. I don?t know why but seeing him look at me, I started to get hard. I pulled on my cock a few times and just before I wrapped the towel around my waist, I gave him a bit of a show. I turned to the side to give him that view, and then turned to faced right at him and covered up. I could see by the look in his eye that he wanted to suck me and he kind of tried to get me to follow him to a more private area of the club.I teased him a bit at first by heading toward him, but stopping at the water fountain to get a needed drink along the way. Then I went with him into a semi-dark quite place. He reached out, got under my towel, and got a hold of my cock and started playing with it. I make a lot of pre-cum when I am horny and I know he got a wet hand when he touched me. I think he liked that (I know I would have) and he pulled me gently along to where a chair was set up. He sat down and took me into his mouth. I like it when a guy I am sucking puts his hand gently (or with more force) on my head and so I placed my hand on his head to help gently encourage him to keep sucking me. Within a few minutes we had another older guy come up beside me and start playing with my tits and that of my cocksucker?s also. So I returned the favor and started play with his tit, and as I am not that interested in nipples I very quickly moved my hand down to his crotch and started playing with his cock though the towel. He was not big or thick but a nice average size, and that?s fine with me. When I am horny like that, I will suck about anything, little cock, soft cock, somewhat dirty cock, etc. well to tell you the truth I will suck any cock every time I can always want to get the man off.I let the first guy keep working my cock in his mouth and after a few minutes of playing with the second guy cock though his towel, I reached up under and got his naked cock in my hand. This was nice, a hard cock in my hand and a mouth on my cock so we continued like that for 5 minutes or so. Soon I had enough of getting my cock sucked and it was time to get to what I wanted to do so I gently pulled away from the guy sucking me and went down on my knees. Pulled the towel away from the cock I had in my hand and replaced it with my mouth and he let out a moan as I took him all the way down and then stated sliding up and down on his manhood. As I sucked that cock the guy that had been blowing me stood up from his chair and I reached out with my hand to feel his dick. It was a bit smaller then average but a hard cock is always good. I got off the cock I was sucking, and went to his and then started going between both of those cocks that were in my horny face. After about 10 minutes of this I had the second guys cock in my mouth when he said he was getting ready to cum. I quickly let his cock go, told him to please cum in mouth, and clamped my mouth right back down on him working to get him off. Now both men know that I am a cum eater! And boy did he ever cum. He must not have shot his load in a while, because he spurted out about 4 or 5 great big pulses of cum into my willing mouth, followed but several smaller squirts. So A Nice big first load for me, and his cum tasted so very good. I like the taste of cum, but I will admit some taste better then others but all cum is good. I continue to gently milk all the cum out of his cock as is my normal way, if the guy allows it. I know some guys want you off there konak escort cock as soon as they cum because they are so sensitive then. Or maybe a straight or bi guy will feel a bit guilty after letting a man suck him off and he wants some distance. I understand that, but I do like it better when I get to milk him dry and suckle till he is soft. I let him out of my mouth and thank him for his load. He thanks me and walks off. I now go back to working on my cocksucker?s cock wanting to get him off too. In a few minutes he starts to moan signaling to me that he is ready to give me my second load. Not much of a load from him, so I don?t get a good taste. I thank him and he tells me that was his second load on the day and that was why it was not a big one. That?s OK with me as I have taken 2 loads of tasty man sperm in my horny mouth and I have only been there about 20 minutes.I leave that play area and head next to the ?wet? room, the one where there is a hot tub, sauna, showers, etc. I take a shower and get into the hot tub for a bit and while there I see a guy in the sauna with his cock out stroking it and looking at me. I take that as in invitation and leave the tub and go into the sauna. I sit down next to him and replace his hand with mine on his big hard cock that?s cut about 7 inches, not to big a girth and a nice mushroom type head. The kind that will fit nicely down into my throat and feel great there. I fondle him for a bit and he then stands up and puts his cock in my face, so what am I suppose to do???so I do what I love and take it in my mouth and start pleasuring it and do take him into my throat. I think most guys with big dicks, get more pleasure from a cocksucker that can deep throat him. Now it?s hot in the sauna so after a few minutes of sucking he says we should go to his room. I agree and we wrapped our towels around our waist and I follow him to his room. As soon as the door closes I am on my knees and throwing his towel on the bed and I place his still hard cock back in my mouth and take it right down to its root where it belongs. While I have his cock in my throat I squeeze my throat mussels and give that cock head a massaging that I find guys like. He seems to like it and he places his hands on both sides of my head to hold it study and working his hips he starts fucking my mouth and throat. Sometimes he would stop and hold my head all the way down on his cock and I would squeeze my throat mussels while beening held there. Then he would pull out so only the head or so is in my mouth where I would lick
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