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Standart Kiki Ch. 02

This a true story of a wonderful diminutive girl who came into my life. This follows on from Ch 1. Kiki was a Japanese girl who visited me from overseas.

We had dinner on the balcony as it was a hot summer night. We polished off a bottle of chilled white wine as well and although Kiki drank less than two glasses, the wine had an affect on her. I cleared away and then brought out the mangoes and lychees. While Kiki was eating a mango, the juice dribbled down her dress. She rolled up the hem of her dress in order to avoid the juice but in doing so, exposed her pussy. She had not been wearing knickers. At the same time, more juice from the mango dribbled down on to her pussy. Kiki started to giggle. I turned her chair around, knelt before and pulled her hips close to the front edge of the chair, at the same time, spreading her legs.

I saw my prize before me, Kiki's delightful pussy that was dripping with mango juice. Kiki was looking down at me as I extended my tongue to lap up the mango juice. bahis firmaları I then proceeded further to seek out Kiki's erotic juices. She dropped the mango and put her hand on my head as she let out a sigh as I got to work on her. I made my way along her labia which was incredibly small. I remained teasing her for some time before I moved to her clit. Kiki raised her feet and placed them on my shoulder, putting pressure on them as if to push me into her pussy.

I moved down again, pushing my tongue into her vagina. By the time, Kiki was breathing heavily. I withdraw my tongue and enveloped all of her pussy into my mouth and vibrated my lips. Kiki went wild as she had her first orgasm, letting out small screams. She pushed me away while she recovered, leaning back in the chair with her head back.

I saw Kiki pick up the mango and squeeze the pulp so that the juice ran down her front, on to her pussy. *quot;Lick me again,*quot; she said in a whisper as she took hold of my head, pushing me toward her. I complied, kaçak iddaa attempting to be more forceful and at the same time, reached under her dress to her tits, massaging them and occasionally pinching her nipples. She eventually arrived at an orgasm, which was more violent, then the first, she was screaming and trashing around in her chair. I attempted to remain with my tongue extended in to vagina until Kiki forced me away.

Kiki looked at me with a contented smile. *quot;You know, eating mangoes will never be the same to me.*quot; By this time, Kiki was almost covered in mango juice as she had continued to hold the mango and squeeze it. I pulled her dress off so I could lick her body clean, particularly her beautiful tits.

I picked Kiki up and carried her to the shower where I washed her down, after which, she commenced washing me down. By this time, I had a raging hard on. Kiki was on her knees in front of me, holding my balls in one hand and my penis in the other. She looked up at me with a devilish look kaçak bahis as she ran her tongue along my penis. I reached down, picking her up and carried her to the bed. Kiki again knelt before me and took my penis in her mouth, while at the same time, massaging my balls.

I wanted more of that incredibly small pussy so I pulled her around so that she was lying on top of me, continuing to suck on my penis while I had access to her beautiful pussy. Kiki thrashed around so I knew she had at least one more orgasm while she continued to suck on my penis although when I thought she was having an orgasm, she sunk her teeth into my penis, which initially startled me, but aroused me even more.

When we had finished, I pulled Kiki up to me and kissed her. I mentioned her bight and she got up examining my penis. *quot;Oh, I am so sorry. I don't remember doing it but I can clearly see my teeth marks. I didn't hurt you did I?*quot;

*quot;You will owe me lots of kisses before I forgive you.*quot;

Kiki knelt down to kiss the teeth marks on my penis.

*quot;It feels better already,*quot; I said as I pulled Kiki up to me and kissed her.

We lay on the bed, talking for some time until we both dropped of to sleep.

To be continued
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